Dead to the World 5/31/06

Bill Graham introduces Mickey and Billy
Mickey and Billy introduce Hamza el-Din
Hamza plays two songs
Ollin Arrageed->
Promised Land
– Grateful Dead 10/21/78 Winterland, San Francisco

Bob Weir and Mark Karan in the KPFA studio

Interview with Mickey Hart and Ram Rod 3/3/83 (click here for additional audio from this interview; text transcript is posted here)

Lost Sailor->
Saint of Circumstance
Bob Weir and Ratdog 3/31/06 Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach NH

Kashmir – The Waybacks with Bob Weir 4/29/06 Merlefest, Wilkesboro NC

Bury Me StandingBob Weir and Ratdog, Evening Moods

Big IronThe Waybacks with Bob Weir 4/28/06 Merlefest, Wilkesboro NC

5 Responses to “Dead to the World 5/31/06”

  1. cousinkix1953 says:

    My brother couldn’t give up smoking the US Government’s lousy dope. Mr. KOOL killed him just 5 days after Ramrod checked out. It was 8 months of hell for his wife and kids; so I can relate to what the Grateful Dead family is dealing with now…

  2. cousinkix1953 says:

    Instant LIVE CDS may be the wave of the future; but BushCo cronies called CLEAR CHANNEL have filed a MONOPOLY patent on this process. A fascist corporation is the only one which has the right to record LIVE albums. Artists who won’t boycott Clear Channel’s concert facilities are now their slaves.

    Here I am listening to the words, written by one of those few men, with the guts to say, “Phuck Clear Channel”. john barlow and his EFF friends blew the lid off of Clear Channel’s copyright abuses…

  3. Ruth says:

    Please ask them about Europe and India, David, if you can! Thanks! (Beautiful tribute to Hamza and Ramrod, btw).

  4. deadheaduk says:

    Great show David – downloaded the MP3’s when I got up and strapped the laptop into the car and listened to it on the way to work!!!

    I loved the version of Kashmir

    Glad to see you let bob do another phone it – they’re so funny!!! Wish I’d got up at 4am to join in now.

    Looking forward to Hot Buttered Rum next week

  5. shiney mike says:

    I have a keystone memory of bobby and the midnights around ’83…great show – two rented ryders full of gear – stage at PA too small – huge crowd…cochrane was singin too – those were whiz bang shows…Billy back there somewhere…must’v had enough kit to half fill one of the vans…I bet its even bigger now…good luck!

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