Vince’s first band: The Beans

“Aunt Fran” Bennett posted some MP3s and a concert poster from The Beans, Vince’s first (?) band and a precursor to The Tubes.

Before going off to a successful 32 year career on LA & San Francisco radio I was a 17 year old beginner at the underground station in Phoenix, AZ, and it was here I first encountered Vince Welnick and The Beans in 1971.

Vince’s death and the outpouring of sadness from his fans prompted me to post these few recordings of The Beans in Phoenix from the early 70’s before they moved to San Francisco to create the legendary Tubes brand. I also posted their Publicity Photo at the time and a flyer for a concert in 1970.

These recordings are 36 years old…and they sound like it. Vince and the guys are all about 20 at the time and the energy they unleash is both powerful and compelling.

Before the Dead and before The Tubes there was a quartet of kids in Phoenix wielding a joyous cacaphony indeed.

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  1. francine leroy says:

    any way you can get the link back up of the Beans concert poster?

  2. David Gans says:

    No idea how to make that happen. Sorry.

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