Road music report

Traffic delay, eastern Sierra style
Rita and I left Oakland at 10 am and drove to Lee Vining CA via the Sonora Pass. Lunch at the Diamondback Grill, dinner at the Whoa Nellie Deli. After listening to a CD of the set I played Saturday night with Zac Matthews and Bear Kittay, we plugged the iPod into the stereo and heard the following (not necessarily in this order):

Zoe Keating, One Cello X 16 (complete EP). A looping artist I have been meaning to check out. VERY impressed with this work. I’m going to invite her to play on DTTW.
Won’t Get Fooled AgainRichie Havens, Nobody Left to Crown. I heard him live at SpringFest. Amazing.
Hardball in the Holy LandDirk Hamilton, More Songs from My Cool Life
Too Many DavesDylan Hears a Who
Don’t Piss in the Well – Earl Vickers, The Converted Garage Tapes. An old friend, not seen from in a while, popped up a few weeks ago to announce this album; I ran over to iTunes and bought a copy.
Green Girl Jango Monkey
Stand By MeJesse Winchester, Love Filling Station. First JW album I’ve heard in many years. This is a beautiful cover of a beautiful song.
Maxwell Street – The Maxwells, Maxwell Street. I heard this on KBOO while on tour in February, called the station for some info, and then found this out-of-print album on a download site. Very cool stuff, with a vocal jam in the middle of a long instrumental jam.
Another Dawn Another DayMike and Ruthy, Waltz of the Chickadee. Ruth Ungar has about the sexiest voice since Dusty Springfield.
BabyMike and Ruthy, Waltz of the Chickadee. Parenthood agrees with these two – I met the baby at the Suwannee SpringFest.
Can I Smoke in HereRy Cooder, I, Flathead. The man is a treasure. This record is the third of a trilogy, a great piece of literature that is also a love song to a nearly-vanished California.
Scarecrow JesusMr Smolin 11/15/08 Taix Lounge, LA. I was on this gig with Barry, and we had a great time. This song is from a new project he’s planning to record this summer.
Lookin’ for TroubleSteve Goodman, Jessie’s Jig and Other Favorites. One of my all-time musical heroes.
Eight Days a Week – Rubber Souldiers Feb 6, 2009 Davis CA
In The FlowersAnimal Collective, Merriweather Post Pavilion. This band comes highly recommended by many friends. I’m just starting to listen.
My Wife’s Home TownBob Dylan, Together Through Life. Co-written with Robert Hunter. I am having fun imagining Bob and Bob collaborating on songs via email.
Gulf Coast Highway – David Gans and Eric Rawlins, 4-11-09 roughs. We will be editing and mixing in a couple of weeks.
All My Lovin’->Within You Without You/Rain – Rubber Souldiers w/ Eric and Suzy Thompson 4/2/09. We were driving down US 395 from Bridgeport to Mono Lake, admiring the heavy clouds all around; as “Rain” commenced, the rain commenced to fall from the sky! Amusingly, the rain stopped when the song ended.

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  1. David,
    Would love to get your thoughts on this blogpost…

  2. Revalani says:

    Thanks for all the musical pointers, and have a great trip, you guys!

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