New loop piece: “Up Late”

I’m off the road for a few weeks, and one of my tasks – along with learning how to use Dreamweaver so I can get my web pages out of the plain-text doldrums – is to get my home recording setup working once and for all. I’ve had a Pro Tools rig for a while but only recently started learning how to use it, and I have some new performance gear that I am integrating into a road case, as well as some other signal processors that I’m hauling out of the closet for use in the home studio.
Last night I got it all hooked up and started playing around, and came up with a loop jam that I recorded and then edited into something somewhat presentable that I call “Up Late.” It’s about ten minutes long.

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  1. Ruth says:

    That’s very beautiful. The beginning sounds like harpsichords in a church.

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