“I Hate Bill O’Reilly”: the book

There’s a new book, titled Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O’Reilly, based on the web site of the same name. These paragraphs cribbed from amazon:

From Booklist
The title says it all. There’s definitely no love lost between O’Reilly, host of the FOX Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor, and Amann and Breuer, founders of a Web site for which this book was named. Fashioned as an intervention to prevent O’Reilly from being any more outraged and outrageous than he already is, Amann and Breuer explore the myriad ways that O’Reilly attacks liberals but denies his conservatism, and disregards civil liberties and the simple truth. O’Reilly’s claim of “no-spin” objectivity is the primary target, as the authors cite numerous excerpts from transcripts of O’Reilly’s show to demonstrate his constant spin, contradiction, and misstatement. “The problem with simply calling Bill a liar is that one has to be aware of one’s lies for them to really be considered lies. We’re not sure Bill qualifies.” The charity ends there as the authors take O’Reilly to task for his sexual appetite (he settled a lawsuit by an associate producer who charged him with sexual harassment), his egomania (he makes constant references to his earnings, his ratings, his book sales versus those of his favorite targets, Al Franken and Hillary Clinton), and his outrageous statements (the nation’s poor should take a lesson from Hurricane Katrina and avoid poverty). Fans of O’Reilly will not be amused, but all other readers will find the book hilarious, though some may find the language occasionally offensive. Vanessa Bush
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Book Description
Bill O’Reilly is a man who believes he is a voice of reason. He calls for boycotting Canada, says Adolf Hitler would have been a card-carrying member of the ACLU, and thinks Hurricane Katrina victims seen carrying televisions should be shot on sight.
Amann and Breuer – the creators of the hugely popular website www.sweetjesusihatebilloreilly.com — take a close look at O’Reilly’s own assertions and arguments — taken from his TV and radio shows, books and columns — to expose him for what he is: a self-righteous boob and a sham newsman. The ongoing themes explored in Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O’Reilly are that O’Reilly is a bit crazy, not all that sharp and, as the authors put it, about “as self-aware as a legume.” The result is a hilariously funny book, a great read for anyone who enjoys seeing a puffed-up blowhard taken down a notch or two — whether they’re an O’Reilly hater, fan, or something in between.

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