Even still more on the Colbert Thing

Email I sent to Richard Cohen of the Washington Post just now:

Sorry, man, but you’re full of shit on this one.

The only other time we know of when Bush had a chance to hear dissenting views was when he invited the former secretaries of state etc. for a visit. He gave ’em the bum’s rush.

You say Colbert is “representative of what too often passes for political courage, not to mention wit, in this country.” I’d say not often enough.

What have you done lately to try to get us out of the mess we’re in thanks to Bush and the fools who let him come to power?

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  1. anddave says:

    It is only natural that those who believe in Bush will react this way to Colbert. That said, think back to the Clinton years. These sme jags who say Colbert is rude probably reveled in jokes about blue dresses.

  2. alan says:

    speaking of the above.
    madeline albright on the daily show sez that bush only wanted to brief the former attorney generals and didn’t really want to hear any opinions dissenting or otherwise.
    sounds more like a setup for a photo op to make it appear that he listens to someone other than davey berkoitz’ dog for advice.

  3. Mike says:

    Mr. Cohen,
    RE: ‰ÛÏSo not funny‰Û
    Our president lives in a bubble. You think his circle is ever ‰ÛÏrude‰Û enough to point out the obvious‰ÛS the inconvenient‰ÛS ever?
    None of Colbert‰Ûªs comments were funny. That is the point. The damage this president has wreaked on our country isn‰Ûªt funny at all.
    Media enablers like you are what Colbert lampoons every night. Yes, you sir, defender of black tie dinner protocol, presidential nanny, and your like-minded media establishment types are mortified by Colbert.
    You needed to take on Colbert, otherwise you might need to start asking why we‰Ûªre: in Iraq, not addressing global warming, selling national forests, ignoring health care, exploding our national debt, outing CIA agents with expertise in WMD, spying on Americans without warrants, detaining Americans without trial, bypassing congressional statute by executive whim, ‰ÛS it‰Ûªs an endless list.
    Yes, it is so not funny that you used your column to take Colbert to task for offending your rarefied sense of propriety and not making you laugh. While the rest of us cry.

  4. Robert T. Reid says:

    My sentiments, exactly, Mike. Well put.

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