Interview with the Starburst Commander

Ten-minute interview with the Starburst Commander, author of Confessions of a Dead Head. From the 12/9/09 Dead to the World.

It’s a wonderful book, a quick read (under 100 pages) but loaded with color and soul.

Also please see my previous post, which includes a nice excerpt.

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  1. Jim Roe says:

    Its a great book and The Starburst Commander autographed my copy…I haightly recommed it to any Deadhead!

  2. […] “Starburst Commander” is the pseudonym of the author of a delightful memoir titled Confessions of a Dead Head. I posted some kind words and an excerpt a while back. The interview you’ll hear in this week’s program was broadcast live on KPFA’s Dead to the World on December 9, 2009. You can hear it here. […]

  3. […] an interview I did with the author in […]

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