Interviews from the KPFA marathon

Here is Peter Rowan‘s appearance on the February 20, 2010 KPFA marathon

And here is the interview with Jim Tuedio, co-editor (with Stan Spector) of The Grateful Dead in Concert: Essays on Live Improvisation

David Nelson:
Part 1 (13:43)
Part 2 (35:04)
Part 3 (31:13)
Part 4 (15:12)

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5 Responses to “Interviews from the KPFA marathon”

  1. SamGlen says:

    Great Marathon David. I loved the Robert Hunter and the live Peter Rowan. How much did the Marathon bring in? I sort of got the feeling that it wasn’t as much in previous years. Thank you so much for the music.

    P.s. I had to go to bed before David Nelson came on, but thanks to the archives I was able to listen the next day.

    Much thanks


  2. david says:

    We raised around $23,000 – not a bad number considering the state of things in our country these days.

  3. Ruth says:

    Thanks for going through the whole thing and isolating the interview. It really is an exceptional segment.

  4. […] can hear those portions of the broadcast – plus an interview with author Jim Tuedio – on my blog . And you can make a donation to KPFA any time at […]

  5. Michael Salinger says:

    Great interview with David Nelson and I have to agree, this is the best damn jamband out there. I love the interplay between Pete and Barry and it is even better when Molo is along for the ride.

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