R.I.P. Molly Ivins

“First they mutilate you; then they poison you; then they burn you. I have been on blind dates better than that.”

— Molly Ivins, on breast cancer

Molly Ivins has lost her long struggle with cancer. She was 62. A great writer, a sharp journalist, a witty and opinionated progressive with a finely tuned shit detector. She had the goods on that worthless fuckhead George Dubya way early in the game.

The Texas Observer has a collection of tributes. Go and read, please.

Update: Washington Post’s obit: Columnist Molly Ivins, 62; Poked Fun at the Powerful

Update: The NewsHour replays a classic Ivins piece on Texas “Oort.”

One Response to “R.I.P. Molly Ivins”

  1. sknavis says:

    Right on, DG… On all counts. Molly was the best, and Dubya’s indeed a worthless fuckhead.

    Molly will be deeply missed, but we can keep her spirit alive by speaking truth to power and calling out the right-wing bastards when they lay their seemingly endless lies and damaging policies on us.

    Thanks for the links, David… I’m hoisting a cold on in Molly’s honor right now!

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