A plug for Jim Dunlop guitar strings

I picked up a couple of sets of Jim Dunlop guitar strings at a music store in Petaluma last fall and fell in love with them immediately! They got in tune and stayed in tune, and they sounded great for several hours of intense playing.

I mentioned this fact to Henry Kaiser, and he put me in touch with the company. They sent me some strings and asked me to keep telling everybody about ’em. So although I’m not an official endorser, I feel compelled to disclose that Jim Dunlop is giving me strings in return for my saying good things about them online. But I wouldn’t be in this arrangement with them unless I really liked the strings.

I now have Jim Dunlop strings on four instruments: My main touring guitar, a Rick Turner Renaissance RS-6 (with a magnetic pickup in addition to the original piezoelectric “acoustic” pickup); a Martin D-35; a ’56 Les Paul Junior; and a Turner Model 1.

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