Suwannee SpringFest update

I’m on my way to Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Kentucky starting this Saturday. Weekend after next (March 22-25) I’ll be at the Suwannee SpringFest, a wonderful annual musical treat. Here’s the latest info on SpringFest, from the mysterious Iris Blooms:

Dear Festival Folks,

Suwannee Springfest is almost here!  The schedule is posted, we’re packing up and getting ready to make the move from our beach office to the park early next week.   If you don’t have your tickets and you want to get the advance price, you better do it soon – see dates below for advance tickets.  Be sure to read all the way to the end of this message – mixed in with the fun stuff is some important festival information.

We’re really getting excited.  We’ve spoken with lots of the artists who are gearing up for a big time and that translates to great music and fun times onstage and off. Leonard of the Duhks tells me they are all fired up for Springfest, so listen closely wherever you are in the park - there just might be an incredible spontaneous jam happening!  Speaking of the Duhks, be sure and check out their friend Dan Frechette, who will be joining them for Springfest.

Remember the Prom from last Suwannee Springfest?  Well, no grassroots or official prom has been called this year, but you might want to pack your fancy duds just in case the mood strikes. I’ve heard rumors that the Habanero Honeys are getting gussied up, so you might want to join in. In fact, I think I just saw Big Cosmo headed up the stairs with his tux in tow!  It really doesn’t matter what you wear, just as long as YOU are there!

You’ve heard all the terms for the weather the last couple of years –  well we’re dubbing this one “Suwannee SunFest”!  We’ve got a terrific lineup, beautiful weather ordered special delivery, lots of great food and vendors lined up, so all we need now is you.  Bring your family and friends for a very special time.

You may order advance tickets by phone thru this Friday, March 16th at 5PM and online thru Sunday, March 18th.  The gate ticket price will go into effect on Monday, March 19th and you can still order them online thru Tuesday, March 20th.   After the 20th, just get your ticket at the gate – you can pay with cash or credit card.  All ticket orders are now being held for pickup at Will Call at the main festival gate.  You may order tickets online or call 904-249-7990 to order by phone.

Tickets may be purchased with cash in selected North Florida locations (Gainesville, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine & Tallahassee).  These outlets have a special allotment of tickets to sell for cash only, no service charge at the advance rate, even the week of the festival (unless they run out of tickets – so call first).  For complete Suwannee Springfest Ticket information, including outlet locations, go to

Many of you know that Magnolia Music generally opens a temporary gate during the day and evening on Wednesday.  We are now opening the gate at noon on Wednesday and will keep it open all night long Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Nights.  Remember that if you arrive anytime before daylight Thursday Morning, you will be required to pay an additional night of camping to the park.  In the past, it has been a $10 per person fee – however at this time I have not confirmed this fee.  So come on out to Suwannee Springfest and get there when you can!

We’re kicking off Thursday with a great lineup on the Meadow Stage,and on The Music Hall Stage,  the Songwriting Contest Finals followed by a showing of our documentary “Music Farmers”.

The schedule is posted, so check it out! Suwannee Springfest  March 22-25, 2007
Check out the schedule:
Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park    Live Oak, Florida

Thank you for your time.   We appreciate your support and commit to bringing you quality events that feature great music, a joyful community spirit, healing vibes, and that are just plain fun!

In Harmony,
Iris Blooms (speaking for Beth & Randy)
Magnolia Music & Events, Inc.

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  1. shiney mike says:

    David and David and David…Hey now! That has a ring to it!
    What a neat idea – using your airtime to get us all hip to where it, (the music of the grateful dead) is really gonna be at – and hopefully for a long time to come…Taper’s Section rules!
    Shiney Mike –

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