New CD by Ponder

My friend Ira Marlowe turned me on to a CD he produced, titled A Little Bit Sane. The artist is Ponder, and all the songs are by its principal, Amos Glick.

The CD is a nicely varied collection, each track with a flavor and atmosphere all its own. Glick avoids the tropes so grievously overused by so many songwriters, and comes across sounding like what he is: a thoughtful, peace-lovin’ Jewish leftist hippie pothead clown. In short, my kind of guy.

“Minstrel Caravan” could be about Grateful Dead Tour, or the Chautauqua; “Homegrown” is the rant of a garrulous dope grower; “Sweet Confused” and “Got to Be a Way” look at confusing contemporary days from different angles; in “Overrated” and “Old Country,” he looks at himself from different angles; and the first of these songs to earn a slot in rotation on my Brain Radio, “Our Kisses Are Waltzes,” is a perfect evocation of that sweet ache at the beginning of a love.

Worth a click, and a listen. I promise.

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