Front-page story in today’s San Francisco Chronicle

Article by Carolyn Jones on the front page of today’s San Francisco Chronicle! Great quotes from Bob Jaffe of the Grand Bakery (and “We Are Everywhere” fame), Nick Meriwether, and Mark Pinkus. Nice photo of Bob Wagner’s Greek ’81 masters, too!

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  1. Ken Joye says:

    We tuned into the KPFA marathon today after reading the SF Chronicle article mentioned here on the site. My wife, Lindsay, had the idea that we should make a donation in the memory of our friend Suzy Green, known to us very affectionately as “Suzy Creamcheese” (see: Frank Zappa ).

    In our donation notes, we mentioned that this was on behalf of the Normal Family, which caused a bit of speculation on the air about about 12:20pm today. This is the history of that, as best I can recall:

    Some number of our friends had traveled from California up to Oregon to see shows (Portland?) and woke up on the morning after after a particularly “strenuous” evening of revelry. As they groggily pulled themselves together and began their preparations for the next show that evening, one of them posed the question, “What is a normal family doing today?”. From that came a series of Normal Family reunions, etc.

    After Suzy contracted ovarian cancer, she lived admirably for a number of years. At her memorial service, we arranged with the Rabbi to assemble together in front of the congregation, where we sang “Ripple” as the Normal Family Singers.

    We hold her dear in our hearts and thank you for bringing her to the forefront once again.

    Ken & Lindsay

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