Interviews from the marathon

Here are the interviews I played on yesterday’s KPFA Grateful Dead marathon:

Betty Cantor-Jackson 3/18/10 re “Betty Boards”

Jeffrey Norman 2/4/11 re Europe ’72: The Complete Recordings

Giancarlo Aquilianti 2/5/11 re First Fusion

Bob Weir 2/5/11 re First Fusion

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  2. I-) ihor says:

    thanks, david!!!

  3. cousinkix1953 says:

    where are the streams from the marathon???

  4. Tom Puckett says:

    Thanks for posting this interview. When you go back in a couple of weeks, or maybe you already know, could you ask whether some of the sound checks could be included, especially if a three-disc set had room, or wasn’t being used for a track from the previous / next (particularly long) show?

    Some sound checks were supposed to have been hilarious, e.g. Bremen . . . or maybe a sound check disc? Thanks, Tom

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  7. Dadz Bluz says:

    When the GD switched over to in-ear monitors on variable radio freqs, some of my tech-savvy friends would park outside the venue with scanners and tape the chatter between band members when they stepped away from the pressure plate switches in front of their mics, cutting the signal to the speakers. Some is boring but much is hilarious!!! I’d love to hear some highlights from those rare recordings again… Although at the time I thought it was kinda creepy! I just miss hearing their voices, especially Garcia’s nasal twang… And I grew up hanging out backstage at Winterland, The Fillmore West, &cetera… Peace & Luv, Bluz Kat

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