My 1991 interview with Bear

I have nearly six hours of tape from my January 1991 interview with Owsley Stanley. I’m about to go on tour for two weeks, and I will be reviewing and excerpting the recording as time permits, with the aim of broadcasting a large portion of it on Dead to the World March 30 and the Grateful Dead Hour ASAP.

Here are two bits I pulled from the first hour for a radio broadcast last Sunday. I only had a few minutes between the time I heard the news of Bear’s death and going on the air on SiriusXM’s Tales from the Golden Road.

Bear interview January 1991 – excerpt 1

Bear interview January 1991 – excerpt 2

I just thought you might be interested in what he sounded like.

“He got plenty done this time around…” – Bob Weir

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8 Responses to “My 1991 interview with Bear”

  1. SIRMick says:

    Thanks David,

    Thanks for posting the excerpts, I look forward to hearing some more of this interview.

    BEAR R.I.P.


  2. Don Schneier says:

    The Dead sound system, at my ifirst experience of it, circa 1969, was, in comparison with its peers, like that of an HD holograph to the first color TV sets. Bear opened up the neural and audio pathways without which Dark Star seems difficult to conceive.

  3. Kent Mitchell says:

    How dull would the world have been with out Bear. Glad to have briefly touched his circle and will forever be in debt to his legacy.

    He stomped large upon the Terra and it shook and shimmied under him.

    Rock on Bear, say hi to Jerry for us.

  4. michael young says:

    thanks David it`s nice to hear the whole thing

  5. oilers1972 says:

    Thank you for posting these interview excerpts, David. And thank you for having interviewed our ursine friend those many years ago. What a mind he had. My hero.

    Bear, R.I.P.

  6. charlie fog says:

    Hey David. Thank you so much for these interview bits. And thank you for all that you do. You have some people even in Savannah, Ga that really appreciate everything you are doing.

  7. Barry Barnes says:

    David, thanks for sharing Bear’s comments with us. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him before, so I’m delighted to hear him speak. It was fun to feel his passion about first hearing the Dead and Jerry’s guitar and the Acid Tests.

    I look forward to more.

  8. Olivier C. says:

    Thanks for getting this online, hopefully we’ll get to hear most of the 6 hours of the interview, which I’m sure are quite fascinating! I have read the conversations with the Dead and hearing Bear’s voice gives so much more depth and entertainment to his thoughts. He was a gifted storyteller. I think it would be great if everybody who’s got an interview with the man, audio, video or in written form, would upload it.

    RIP Bear.

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