Dead to the World 7/6/11

Iko Iko
Little Red Rooster
Dire Wolf
It’s All Over Now
We Can Run
Brown-Eyed Women
Queen Jane, Approximately
Tennessee Jed
The Music Never Stopped
– Grateful Dead 4/2/89 Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PA

You Can Live Without It
A Very Different Mile
Buy for Me the Rain
The Number Song
Lay Me Down in California
Steve Noonan live in the KPFA studio

Waltzing Across Texas – Rik Elswit live in the KPFA studio

Feral Cat
Bringing It Back Home
Leanin’ Back and Lauging
Steve Noonan live in the KPFA studio

2 Responses to “Dead to the World 7/6/11”

  1. Shiney Mike says:

    Cool. Was the live segment done in the performance studio or broadcast studio?

  2. DG says:

    In the broadcast studio. Nothin’ fancy!

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