Review of “Twisted Love Songs”

Eric Levy posted a review of Twisted Love Songs on the CD’s page at An excerpt:

All of the songs themselves are wonderful…. But the high point of the album is the extraordinary instrumentals, and my favorite of those is Cassidy’s Cat, a brilliant combining of repeated riffs from three Grateful Dead songs (Cassidy, China Cat Sunflower, and Bird Song). The album is a joy start to finish, and another must-own from an under-appreciated artist.

And while we’re at it, here is the full text of Ken Herrick’s review from the Twisted Love Songs page:

To me, it’s really hard to understand why David’s CDs are so hard to find. (except for CD Baby). He’s a really good and interesting guitar player, writes good distinctive songs & covers other nice stuff & with his radio show has a built in audience. This, to me is his best effort so far.

You can sample the tracks at CDBaby, and if you don’t want to buy the whole CD you can download individual tracks from CDBaby’s partners, including the iTunes Music Store.

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