Dead to the World 6/4/08

Me and Kettle JoeDonna Jean and the Tricksters
Till the Morning ComesDonna Jean and the Tricksters (unreleased)

Not Fade AwayGrateful Dead (“Skull and Roses”)

Hey Bo Diddley->
I’m a Man->
I’ve Seen Them All->
– Grateful Dead with Bo Diddley, Dick’s Picks vol. 30 (3/25/72 Academy of Music, NYC)

Press conference 4/24/08 San Francisco CA, announcing the donation of the Grateful Dead archive to the University of California at Santa Cruz

The Preacher and the Slave
Casey Jones the Union Scab
Utah Phillips, We Have Fed You All a Thousand Years

Aimlessly DriftingBravo Johnson

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2 Responses to “Dead to the World 6/4/08”

  1. Phil says:

    I hoped you would play the Bo Didley Dick’s picks. I have been playing it 2 days now.

  2. DP says:

    I played DP 30 a month or two ago and it was nice to hear Bo Diddley again. Also enjoyed the UCSC press conference; very entertaining. I hadn’t heard that Stanford and Cal were on the short list to host the archive, but it sounds like UCSC will do a good job with it.

    The Utah Phillips tracks were very cool, too. Great to hear him entertaining his audience that way!

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