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Word is just starting to get out about this blog, so I don’t expect there are too many people reading it yet, but here’s a palce to say hello, ask a question, or whatever.


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  1. vaughn says:

    Hi David,
    Nice idea to get a blog going. As an LA resident, I’m strictly an online listener… great to have a new way to extend the community.

  2. david says:

    Thank you for listening, and thank you for joining us!

    And happy new year to all!

    I’ve been busy this week getting ready for the annual 16-hour KPFA Marathon, to be broadcast January 28 from 9 am til 1 am Pacific Time. There will be live music, but I’m not quite ready to announce the performers. And of course, tons of fine unreleased music from all over the GD’s musical history.

    Webcast via,, and

    We’ll have a chat room open throughout the day and night, hosted again by Marc Evans.

    More news as it develops.

  3. memeworks says:

    Very nice idea, much more interesting than a simple text based list of things. Looking forward to the Marathon this weekend (Marni too!) probably won’t have a single listener myself for the GDH that night, but I don’t mind, KPFA and you are worth it. Marni thinks I should load them up on the server so instead of live from the desk so we can stay tuned to the marathon. might have to do that…

    come back to the NW, Mt Vernon awaits, last time I saw Chris he was wondering what you were up to.

    Where do you find all this time?

  4. david says:

    Hey Robert!

    I’m checking in from Decatur, Georgia, where I have a couple of days off in the middle of a short but intense tour with Ralph Roddenbery and pedal steel wizard Mark Van Allen.

    Y’all should check out Robert’s online radio station, Radio Memeworks

    I do hope to get back to the beautiful northwest with guitar in hand. Not sure when, but it’s on my wish list. Give me best to everyone at Graham’s, please!

  5. AdrianH says:

    Hi everybody,
    This looks like a good place to chat about my favourite subject! Over here in the U.K. it’s practically impossible to get any Dead stuff from a normal record shop.
    Thank goodness for GDstore downloads (Family Dog is fantastic) and the online GDhours.
    All the best to everyone,

  6. david says:

    Thank you for joining us, Adrian!

    You can download the GD Hour every week, too. Email me for the details.

  7. AdrianH says:

    Yes, you mailed me the password some time ago, cheers. Many thanks for all the hard work and time you’ve given over the years. We do appreciate it out here in the world!
    Keep on truckin’

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