A new entry on Corry Arnold’s amazing blog Lost Live Dead:

“The world’s two leading Grateful Dead scholars have a new and important book that will be a boon to bloggers like me for the rest of our days. This Is All A Dream We Dreamed: An Oral History Of The Grateful Dead, by Blair Jackson and David Gans, has been released by Flatiron Books just in time for Christmas 2015 (if you get it now, you can finish reading it before you wrap it as a gift). Instead of a retread of the already-known, Jackson and Gans have a vast trove of new interviews with those who were there. ”

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  1. Samuel Glen says:

    Hej David! I have been spending a little time in the “States.” I was given a little extra reading time thanks to the Grandparents. What a great book! Yourself and Blair really created an incredible picture of our favoriter band. A book I will read again and again.

    Sam in Sweden

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