“I Heard”

A “poem” made of comments in a 1994 conversation about GD rumors.

I heard

To commemorate Jerry’s return, I heard the Dead were going to do
Obsequious Cheezlog. When I heard that, it reminded me of the old
I heard they soundchecked “attics” on Sunday. We’re still waiting 
yesterday I heard that they have been rehearsing Unbroken Chain recently. 
I heard them soundcheck “Tennessee Jed” once. I was unclear on the
I dunno, I heard there was no soundcheck tonight, or last night.
Not that I heard.
I heard a rumor that Donna is going to sing with the boys on this one …. 
I heard from a very reliable source last night that the Rose Bowl is not
I heard on the radio this morning that it was Garcia who started the Michael 
late Feb for Mardi Gras was a story i heard. can’t recall the actual
I heard a rumor from a very reliable source that Jerry will play at the 
I heard that Jerry is going to play with Santana and Steve Miller and
I heard rumors from 2 people that Pete Townshend will show up in either 
I heard from a friend that he heard on the radio that Sting would be at
I thought I heard rumors of Van Morrison opening Rose Bowl and/ or Eugene. 
I heard that there was going to be a big reunion concert at Shoreline.
I heard that Jerry played briefly in some nightclub in Marin last night. 
I heard that Jerry is in Hawaii with his high school sweetheart.
I heard Jerry is on the night dive in Kona tonight.
I heard last night that Jerry’s lost 20 pounds.

I heard a rumor that Jerry was seen coming out of a Jack-in-the-Box with 
I heard an extremely ugly rumor tonight, and while part of me probably
what I heard. And while I would NEVER want to see anything happen to Jerry 
I heard that the Feb 28 show will feature past members of the dead.
I heard today that Denver is not looking as good as it did two weeks ago 
(I heard it’s his sinuses again) (but don’t quote me on that – just a rumor)
I heard that Donna, TC and Bruce will be making guest appearance with the 
BTW, I heard that the EconoLodge is only accepting payment by
And speaking of rumors… I heard that after Chinese New Years there will be 
I heard the no more priority line thing, too. Maybe they ought to just go 
about that day being the last priority line. I heard it first hand. Now,
body requires. The last I heard about gangrene and losing limbs was the 
case as well. The person I heard about it from was upset that not
I heard some interesting info this morning with regard to the Dead playing 
Well the rumors I heard about the reported breakins are that Jerry
I heard that one, too. Ernie told me. He didn’t say the date, but it must 
This one sounds a little too good to be true, but I heard it this weekend 
I heard that too.
I heard, in line for the upcoming UJB show at the USAir Arena, that the Dead 
worked out and played against what, if I heard the words right, is an 
Unfortunately, the only real places I heard him were during the pre-other
I heard exactly what Jeff posted.
I forgot two things in my last post: I, too, could have sworn I heard
went bankrupt and owed everybody money. Latest I heard from my friends in
there trom what I heard, no?
I heard differently on the gaps yesterday from a local buddy of 
I heard from one gen off of one of the principals:
Well, M______, I heard from another source who works with the
Well, I heard from a friend here at work who should know
, they are working on a new studio album, but I heard that they were working 
I heard the shows may be moved to the fall.
I heard the shows may not happen at all.
I heard.
5 San Jose is what I heard too. 
I heard Sunday at 10 AM.
I heard it on DCI0l today – they said they’d heard it from WNEW who had 
I heard from a reliable source that NYE 1999 will happen.
I heard that it is NOT going to happen! This is from a higher authority. 
I heard a little more to that story but I’m waiting for a confirmation.
I heard that Donna will be joining the band for a brief set of
I heard they were thinking of inviting MAdonna to do a few songs 
contracts have been signed. I heard from someone else a similar rumor 
I heard from Elvis that Roanoke would fit perfectly between Nassau and 
I heard otherwise.
I heard Tom Jones myself.
I had to crack up when I heard about the RFK “Throwing Stones”
I heard third-hand that it was a success. He went without talking a few 
way I heard it was phrased a little stronger, but that is hearsay at the
or that…why they played THAT when I heard it only 3 shows before …
1 heard that they are working on bringing out the
When is Eugene??? 1 need that one. 1 heard there is a Red Lion there. Hot 
Not quite the West coast, but 1 heard that the Dead will be playing
(1 really doubt this will happen but that’s what 1 heard)
1 heard it’s gonna be after July this year.
unsubstantiated .. the guy 1 heard it from has NEVER fed me wrong info

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