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“When Fascism comes to America…”

Friday, April 14th, 2006

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” – Sinclair Lewis
This image is also posted on along with a complete collection of Grand Lake Theater marquees.


Friday, April 14th, 2006

Just wanted to say thanks for playing the compiled “Days Between” again. It’d be hard to match the emotion Jerry pulls out in any other song. He really tugs at the heartstrings with that one.

Thanks again,

Dead to the World 4/12/06

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

RainMutilaudio by David Gans

Dark Star->
Sugar Magnolia->
Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)->
Johnny B. Goode
– Grateful Dead 4/17/72 Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark

Don’t Get Me Wrong
Middle of the Road
The Pretenders, Pirate Radio (boxed set)

Raised By HippiesI See Hawks in LA, California Country
SugareeWake the Dead, from Live from Berkeley
Bye Bye BabyPowell St. John, Right Track Now
Will the Wolf Survive? Wolf Tracks: The Best of Los Lobos
Life’s a RideDonna the Buffalo, Life’s a Ride
Black Muddy River Blueground Undergrass, Faces

Getting rid of digital noise

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

I’ve spent several hours last night and today cleaning up a terrific recording that has just come into circulation: Grateful Dead 4/17/72 at the Tivoli Concert Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The third disc is Dark Star-> Sugar Magnolia-> Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)-> Johnny B. Goode. There was quite a bit of digital noise on this disc, so I fed it to my Sonic Solutions digital audio workstation and took care of more than three dozen little annoyances.

I have posted an explanation of the process, with visuals and “before” and “after” audio.

Tune in to KPFA tonight at 8:00 pm PST to hear the result. It’s a terrific performance!

New loop piece: “Up Late”

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

I’m off the road for a few weeks, and one of my tasks – along with learning how to use Dreamweaver so I can get my web pages out of the plain-text doldrums – is to get my home recording setup working once and for all. I’ve had a Pro Tools rig for a while but only recently started learning how to use it, and I have some new performance gear that I am integrating into a road case, as well as some other signal processors that I’m hauling out of the closet for use in the home studio.
Last night I got it all hooked up and started playing around, and came up with a loop jam that I recorded and then edited into something somewhat presentable that I call “Up Late.” It’s about ten minutes long.

From the GDH archive

Monday, April 10th, 2006

In my early days on the KFOG Deadhead Hour, when I had a lot more time and smoked a a bit more dope, I used to spend days putting together little radio plays with material I grabbed from TV news, etc.

One of my favorites was a two-part show I did using audio from The Hippie Temptation, a nasty bit of reactionary network-news fearmongering by one of the major networks, shot in the Haight in ’67 or so.

Part 1 (40:43)

Part 2 (17:41)

Part 3 (31:33)

Part 4 (31:23)

When did you start/stop smoking?

Monday, April 10th, 2006

There’s a “Two Cents” item on, asking “When did you smoke your first cigarette? Your last?
My response is included.

New Riders of the Purple Sage

Monday, April 10th, 2006

Robert Hunter reports on the New Riders show in Petaluma:


Just got back from the New Riders show at the Mystic in Petaluma. It sure took me back. Packed out house singing along lustily on songs they didn’t know they loved so much and suddenly discovered they did. Friends crawled out of the woodwork for this one. Betty Cantor was there and Annette Flowers; Michelle, who is to the Riders what Sue Swanson is to the Dead, first fan and lifetime helper. Dan and Patty Healy both looking great. Ramblin’ Jack Elliot spry, spare, ancient and smiling. Other faces half remembered but accounted for. An aura of Joy quickly established itself, similar to the first night of the Dead at Alpine on an intimate scale (a weird parallel I know, but there you go) – the resurrection feel, not repeatable on demand. The spirit bloweth where it listeth. Everyone realized pdq it was one of those nights destined to be remembered, what the music is all about, all it was ever about: love, magic and kick ass songs.

I spent the night on my feet way up front, soaking it all in. Finally went to the back of the house, dead on said feet, with Maureen and Kate to await the encore, which was, fittingly, the late Buck Owen’s “Truck Drivin Man” a song no Riders show ever omitted to play. The band’s manager spotted me seated in the rear of the Mystic, said the band wanted me to do the last number with them. I said I’d worn my voice out singing along with the crowd, which was true, not to mention not having been on stage since opening for the Dead & the ABB at the Gorge a century or two ago – but there was some part of “no” he didn’t understand, as a good manager shouldn’t, so without bothering to have my arm politely ripped out of the socket I went up and did it.

Long time since I’ve been on stage but I can always pull a Ripple out of the hat. How sweet it was to finally sing with the New Riders of the Purple Sage after nearly forty years. A deep emotional experience on the heels of one of the best NRPS shows I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them. Old Nelson had tears in his eyes, Buddy sitting there like a great glowing Buddha of the pedal steel. Old home night in the 21st Century. The ghosts of Spencer Dryden, Dave Torbert, Skip Batten and Dale Franklin singing along on the chorus, JG present in the melody itself.

The missing Marmaduke seemed supernaturally imminent in the voices of Michael Falzarano of Hot Tuna, whose rhythm guitar is simple and absolutely superb, and of Ronnie Penque and Johnny Markowski of the DN band who acquitted themselves with honors. Each of the three is capable of believably copping the Dawson style without which it wouldn’t be the Riders. So much so that it seemed like a chorus of Marmadukes on the harmony parts! I won’t even get into what a storm Nelson picked on his Telecaster, and of course, Buddy is Buddy. Nuff said. If this sounds like a rave review, so be it. Go get ’em Riders!

Stop using Jesus as a political battering ram

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Garry Wills in today’s New York Times:

THERE is no such thing as a “Christian politics.” If it is a politics, it cannot be Christian. Jesus told Pilate: “My reign is not of this present order. If my reign were of this present order, my supporters would have fought against my being turned over to the Jews. But my reign is not here” (John 18:36). Jesus brought no political message or program.

This is a truth that needs emphasis at a time when some Democrats, fearing that the Republicans have advanced over them by the use of religion, want to respond with a claim that Jesus is really on their side. He is not. He avoided those who would trap him into taking sides for or against the Roman occupation of Judea. He paid his taxes to the occupying power but said only, “Let Caesar have what belongs to him, and God have what belongs to him” (Matthew 22:21). He was the original proponent of a separation of church and state.

Those who want the state to engage in public worship, or even to have prayer in schools, are defying his injunction: “When you pray, be not like the pretenders, who prefer to pray in the synagogues and in the public square, in the sight of others. In truth I tell you, that is all the profit they will have. But you, when you pray, go into your inner chamber and, locking the door, pray there in hiding to your Father, and your Father who sees you in hiding will reward you” (Matthew 6:5-6). He shocked people by his repeated violation of the external holiness code of his time, emphasizing that his religion was an internal matter of the heart.

Getting online in Negril

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Internet Excess

This photo can also be found on my flickr page, along with other images from Jamm in Jamaica.

Grateful Dead Hour #916

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Week of April 10, 2006

Part 1 33:27
Bob Weir and Ratdog 3/1/06 KPFA Performance Studio

Part 2 21:53
Hot Buttered Rum, Well Oiled Machine

Photos and audio: Bob and the boys take some calls between sets at KPFA 3/1/06.

Hot Buttered Rum will play live on KPFA June 7, 9-10pm PDT.

Support for the Grateful Dead Hour comes this week from, an online store offering officially licensed merchandise – t-shirts, hats, stickers, tye dyes, gifts and other rock and roll items – from the Grateful Dead, Phish, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd and many others.


Saturday, April 8th, 2006

Digital audio art using speech and/or music as raw materials
MUTILAUDIO is an appropriative art form, using existing recordings as source materials. The tradition goes back centuries in various media, but the technological advances of the modern age have opened vast new realms. I started creating these works in 1985, using analog tape in various formats; since December 1992 I’ve been using a Sonic Solutions digital audio workstation, which has greatly expanded the creative possibilities.
There’s a collection of pieces on this page – enjoy!
And here’s an article I wrote for Wired about John Oswald, who calls his amazing audio art plunderphonics: The Man Who Stole Michael Jackson’s Face.

Saturday, April 8th, 2006 is written by Susan DuQuesnay. Most of the pieces were published in The Fort Bend Star, a weekly newspaper in Tom DeLay’s hometown. According to the front page, “Susan DuQuesnay also maintains a website about Fort Bend politics (Tom’s home district) – and some semi-daily comments about Tom DeLay at”
Here’s a sample entry, from June 1 of last year:

Tom in TeeVee Guide
Tom has been fumin’ like a 200,000 mile pickup truck that the writers of the teevee show Law and Order took his name in vain. There’s laws against that. I’m not sure where those laws are written down but you might start checking stone tablets and mountaintops somewhere.

Law and Order had this teevee show where this detective guy was looking for a crook who shot a federal judge. With no clues or suspects, the detective said, “Maybe we should put out an APB for somebody in a Tom DeLay T-Shirt.” Uh huh, it was humorous. Somebody got paid a lot of money for coming up with that line and – rats! – it should have been me.

In reaction, Tom girded-up his loins and, with a straight face, stomped his foot about the “manipulation of my name.” Oh gosh, that’s gotta be awful for Hot Tub Tom, the Hammer. Can you even imagine someone manipulating his name? I’m mortified, mortified I tell you.

He also called it “a great disservice to public discourse.” No, seriously; he said that. A man who once stood on the House floor and made fun of people “with foreign sounding names” said that.

Rumor has it that instead of suing the writers, Tom has proposed that he write and produce the next show – Law & Order: Filibuster Victim’s Unit.

After checking my TeeVee Guide, I have discovered some more shows featuring Tom this week. Oh, give it up – you knew I would.

Desperate Housewives – Tom DeLay drops by to lecture the floozie housewives on their wicked ways and then gets drunk and nakkid in their hot tub.

Bonanza – In a repeat of a little known episode, Tom DeLay plays a snake oil salesman who fights the Indians by stealing all their food, clothes, and money. Hoss gets pissed-off and calls Sheriff Ronnie Earle.

MASH – War. Go boom! Danger! Ooowies! Tom DeLay nowhere to be found.

Everybody Loves Raymond – except Tom. Tom DeLay hates Raymond because Raymond does not go to church enough.

Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf – Jack Abramoff buys Tom DeLay a trip to the Master’s. DeLay still can’t hit a nine iron straight and keeps referring to Tiger Woods as “The Gentleman from the NAACP.”

FOX News – Tom DeLay good. Liberals bad. Rinse. Repeat.

West Wing – Special guest appearance by Congressman Tom DeLay. He says that he IS the Federal Government and C J Craig punches him out. Cold cocks him. Kicks him. Stomps his butt. Grinds her high heel into his foot. Whacks him upside the head for good measure. She wins an Emmy.

Gilligan Island – in this overlooked episode, Tom DeLay comes to the island and tries to set up sweat shops and a rudimentary sex tourism industry.

The Apprentice – Tom DeLay and Donald Trump get into a self-image contest. Neither wins, but the fallout of ego juice and bad hair-dos covers three states.

Will and Grace – Grace lands a job decorating a major hotel chain. Will must try a case against a really hunky opposing counsel. Jack attempts to date the offensive line of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom experiences a terrifying lower abdominal tingle.

Judging Amy – and everybody else, the DeLay way! Tom DeLay visits to demonstrate how to slap down a judge. Episode two will be seen on Law and Order.

Hope and Faith – DeLay’s medical care package for America.

The King of Queens – Tom refuses to appear on this type of “activist show”.

Antiques Roadshow – Carlton Pierce III informs Tom that his antiquated political beliefs are worth “not a damn diddle.” His hair, however, is discovered to be a highly sought-after collector’s item.

This week on Star Trek: “I AM THE FEDERATION OF PLANETS!”

Extreme Makeover – Ty’s team gives Tom an extreme makeover by giving him a soul and a heart.

Medium – Tom enlists the help of Patricia Arquette to combat the unholy ghost of LBJ and Barry Bonds.

The Amazing Race – Can Tom outlaw boobies before the Johnson family reach Paris?

The Tony Danza Show – Tom’s appearance is so shocking that I am forbidden to discuss the specifics. I’ll offer three words: Fire, Brimstone, Bacardi

O’Reilly Factor – Loofah, falafel, and hot tubs – tales of latent homosexuality masquerading as insipid male conquests.

Fear Factor – In a moment of primal justice Tom DeLay forced to eat a live bug and a gallon of DDT to keep his House seat.

I just have one thought for the week. Why does Tom make this so easy for me?

Al Franken vs. the Thin White Puke

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

Al Franken’s Midwest Values Pac web site has the transcript of a speech Al gave, sharing the dais with Ann Coulter. An excerpt:

Let me give you an example of Ann lying by omission.

Also in her book Slander, Ann tells her readers that Al Gore had a leg up on George W. Bush when applying to their respective colleges. Harvard and Yale. Ann writes:

“Oddly, it was Bush who was routinely accused of having sailed through life on his father’s name. But the truth was the reverse. The media was manipulating the fact that – many years later – Bush’s father became president. When Bush was admitted to Yale, his father was a little-known congressman on the verge of losing his first Senate race. His father was a Yale alumnus, but so were a lot of other boys’ parents. It was Gore, not Bush, who had a famous father likely to impress college admissions committees.”

What does Ann omit? Well, that Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush was also a Yale alum and had been Senator from Connecticut, the home state of Yale University. That Prescott Bush had been a trustee of Yale. That Prescott Bush had been the first chair of Yale’s Development Board – the folks who raise the money. That Prescott Bush sat on the Yale Corporation for twelve years. That Prescott Bush, like George W. Bush’s father, George H. W, Bush, had been a member of Skull and Bones. That the first Bush to go to Yale was Bush’s great great grandfather James Bush, who graduated in 1844. That in addition to his father, grandfather, and greatgreatgrandfather, Bush was the legacy of no less than twenty-seven other relatives who preceded him at Yale, including five great great uncles. Seven great uncles. Five uncles, and a number of first cousins.

Now why did Ann leave out these somewhat relevant facts? Ann grew up in Connecticut. Ann, did you really not know that Prescott Bush had been your senator when you were born?

Ann, is it possible that when Prescott’s son George H. W. Bush became president, it totally escaped your notice that his father had represented your state in the United States Senate? Did neither of your parents mention it in passing at the dinner table? Did no one at home in Darien make any comments about the new president’s lineage?

Understand. This isn’t sloppiness. This is deliberate. For Ann’s purposes – to claim that the media that was manipulating facts here – Ann herself had to manipulate facts – in such a shameless way. This is what she does.

Read the full transcript here, and post a comment if you’re so inclined.

Dead to the World 4/5/06

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

Dark Star->
St. Stephen->
I Know It’s a Sin->
St. Stephen
That’s It for The Other One->
Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)
– Grateful Dead 4/17/69 Washington University, St. Louis MO (Download #12)

Lonesome LA CowboyNew Riders of the Purple Sage 10/7/05 Joyous Lake, Woodstock NY
Taught to Be ProudTea Leaf Green, Taught to Be Proud
High Water (for Charley Patton)Bob Dylan, Love and Theft
Sweet and Dandy – Toots and the Maytals, from The Harder They Come soundtrack
No Woman No Cry – The Wailers, Natty Dread
Arrows Pointing SidewaysDonna the Buffalo, Positive Friction
ColoradoRailroad Earth, Elko
Poison OakHot Buttered Rum, Well-Oiled Machine
Follow Me to Carthage The Mammals, Departure
Home Grown Tomatoes – Guy Clark, Keepers