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GD on Bluegrass Signal 11/15

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

From Peter Thompson:

Here’s the plan for “Bluegrass Signal” on Sat., Nov. 15th, broadcast on KALW (91.7 FM, San Francisco, and from 6:30 – 8 pm (Pacific Time). In addition the show’s first hour will be repeated five times during the week of Dec. 6-12 on WAMU’s “Bluegrass Country” (

The show’s theme: bluegrass versions of songs (and/or arrangements) by the Grateful Dead. I’m excited about being able to debut Jesse McReynolds’ recording of “Black Muddy River,” which is on his Garcia-Hunter tribute, scheduled for a 2009 release.

It seemed logical to set up this track with OAITW and JGAB recordings of Jim & Jesse songs, so that’s how the show begins. I’m pretty sure the first three sets will go as planned, but live radio could things could change thereafter. BTW, thanks once again to David for turning me on to The Grass Is Dead, whose three albums provide the best collections of bluegrass covers of GD songs — at least until Jesse’s album is released.

Turn your radio on!
– Peter

BLUEGRASS SIGNAL: Grateful Grass – Nov. 15/08 on KALW

OLD & IN THE WAY: Hard Hearted/That High Lonesome Sound
(Acoustic Disc/73>96)
the World)/Lunt-Fontanne, NYC: The Best Of The Rest – October 15-30,
1987 (
JERRY GARCIA ACOUSTIC BAND: Ashes Of Love/Lunt-Fontanne, NYC: The Best
Of The Rest – October 15-30, 1987 (
JESSE McREYNOLDS & THE VIRGINIA BOYS: Black Muddy River/Tribute to
Garcia-Hunter (forthcoming)

STEEP CANYON RANGERS: Don’t Ease Me In/Lovin’ Pretty Women (Rebel/07)
DAVID THOM BAND: Ship Of Fools/The Thief (Swollen/04)
SELDOM SCENE: I Know You Rider/Live At the Cellar Door (Rebel/75>92)

THE GRASS IS DEAD: Row Jimmy Row/The Grass Is Dead (
THE GRASS IS DEAD: Foolish Heart/20 Degrees Of Solitude

RICE, RICE, HILLMAN & PEDERSEN: Friend of the Devil/Rice, Rice, Hillman &
Pedersen (Rounder/99)
CACHE VALLEY DRIFTERS: Cumberland Blues/Stolen Roses: Songs Of The Grateful
Dead (Arista/00)
JONATHAN McEUEN & PHIL SALAZAR: Franklin’s Tower/A Tribute To Jerry Garcia

BILLY & TERRY SMITH: Alabama Getaway/Long Live the Dead – A Tribute to the
Grateful Dead (K-Tel/96)
ADRIENNE YOUNG & LITTLE SADIE: Brokedown Palace/The Art of Virtue
THE WAYBACKS: Dupree’s Diamond Blues/Live at MerleFest

Dead to the World 11/12/08

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Dancin’ in the Streets->
Shakedown Street
Ratdog 11/5/08 Warner Theatre, Washington DC
That’s It for The Other OnePhil Lesh and Friends w/ Bob Weir 5/13/08 Warfield Theater, San Francisco
Push Comes to ShoveDonna the Buffalo, Live from the American Ballroom
Other SideBoris Garcia, Once More into the Bliss
Never Date a MusicianThe Bobs, Get Your Monkey Off My Dog
The Wine SongMike Agranoff, Ain’t Never Been Plugged
Children of DarknessThe Dulcimer Girls, Old Ways Area Leaving
Things We Said Today
– Rubber Souldiers 10/25/08 MagnoliaFest, Live Oak FL

Rubber Souldiers (Chris Rowan, Lorin Rowan, David Gans, Paul Knight, CC Dawson) play at the Ashkenaz (1317 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley CA) on Thursday, November 20. Showtime 9pm

Darling Underdog – John Doe, A Year in the Wilderness

Gans gig (and CD) update

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Hello friends!

The CD, The Ones That Look the Weirdest Taste the Best, is here, but the web page isn’t quite ready for prime time. For now, you can see the cover art, read the credits, listen to audio samples, and click to order by visiting this earlier blog post.

It’s also available at and it should be in the iTunes Music Store soon, too.

I’m staying in California for the rest of the year (unless a cool New Year’s Eve gig comes up somewhere). I’ll be in the Northwest in mid-February and in Utah around the first of March. More on those gigs, and whatever else lies ahead, in a few weeks.

Here’s what I have so far for November and December. Email me for info on the house concerts, or visit the web page for more information and direct links to the hosts and venues.

Friday November 14, 8pm: Linnaea’s Cafe, San Luis Obispo CA. No cover!
Saturday, November 15, 10:30pm: with Mr Smolin at Taix, Los Angeles. No cover!
Sunday, November 16, 2pm: house concert and potluck in San Diego CA

Thursday, November 20: Rubber Souldiers, Rowan Brothers, and DG at the Ashkenaz, Berkeley CA. Here are a few selections from the show we played at MagnoliaFest in Florida on October 25, and here’s the blurb about the band on the venue’s site.

Friday, November 21: DG opens for Donna the Buffalo at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco. DTB doesn’t come to the west coast nearly often enough, so please come hear this great band, dance your buns off, and make sure they have the inventive to return soon.

Saturday, November 22, 7:30-9:30pm: with Kurt Huget at the Nomad Cafe, 6500 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland CA

Saturday, November 29, 2-6pm: Marilyn’s on K Street, 908 K Street, Sacramento. Grateful Dead tribute with DG, Lightning Hand, East Portal Express, Ghosts of Wyoming, and Dirt Nap Band.

Friday, December 12: The Poster Room at the Fillmore in San Francisco. Ozomatli on the main stage; DG plays before the show and during the break.

Friday, December 19, 7:30pm: Words and Music: The Benefit for Michelle McFee at The Glaser Center, Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 547 Mendocino Blvd., Santa Rosa, CA. David Nelson, Pete Sears, Bill Cutler, Dave Getz, Robin Sylvester, Rubber Souldiers (Chris Rowan, Lorin Rowan, David Gans), Mark Karan, Pat Campbell, Peter Albin, Jimmy Sanchez, David Perper, and others.

Saturday, December 20, 9:30 am to 1:30 pm: Grand Lake Farmers’ Market, Oakland CA

Saturday, December 27, 7:30-9:30pm: DG solo at theNomad Cafe, 6500 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland CA

GD Hour archives on DeadNet

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

We’ve been a tiny bit late posting the last two weeks, but it’s still happening: programs from the GD Hour archive posted on DeadNet every Wednesday.

Today’s post is the second of two remembering the late Merl Saunders, who was a splendid interview as well as a great musician.

Just posted: Grateful Dead Hour #97, originally heard the week of July 30, 1990

Last week’s post was Grateful Dead Hour #489, originally broadcast the week of February 2, 1998

Always happy to field your requests. You can browse the GD Hour archives here, and search for specific songs or interviews or show dates here (courtesy of David Newhouse).

Threee questions to ponder

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Steve Hurlburt, whose Dreadheads is a counterculture documentary well worth seeing, has posted three excellent short films on YoutTube:

Premise: I asked a bunch of folks at the recent “Change Rocks” show at Penn State what some well-known Hunter lyrics meant to them. As you might imagine, the responses run the gamut from “I don’t know” to hippie non sequitur to you-can’t-make-it-up. The chapters of the trilogy are:

Roll Away the Dew

Eyes of the World

Box of Rain

and should/can be viewed in that order.

Interesting essay on Jerry Garcia

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Mary Eisenhart passed this along.

Jon Reed Goes Off On: Jerry’s Dead

I sorta had to force myself to read past this line –

Jerry will never be able to tell us why his remarkable extended family couldn’t keep him away from the needle.

– but I’m glad I did.

Jerry’s creativity was like a Pandora’s Box to him – once he opened it up, he had to face the bad with the good.

Until we open our own Box and reckon with what’s inside, we sound pretty weak passing judgment on a man who has been brave enough to live out his deepest contradictions in the glaring eye of the public.

DG in the Shaman’s Den

Monday, November 10th, 2008

On Sunday, November 2, I appeared on Frank Moore’s webcast The Shaman’s Den on

Performance and interview and photos.

Grateful Dead Hour no. 1051

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Grateful Dead Hour no. 1051
Week of November 10, 2008

Part 1 18:52
David Gans, The Ones That Look the Weirdest Taste the Best

The Doors Live at the Matrix 1967

Part 2 37:18
Grateful Dead 6/26/76 Auditorium Theater, Chicago

Begging your indulgence, kind listeners, this week’s show opens with two tracks from my new CD, The Ones That Look the Weirdest Taste the Best. The first song [by Jim Page] is obviously Dead-related (“…goin down to Eugene to see the Grateful Dead”), and the Dead-related thing about the second song, “Like a Dog,” is that the lyric was written by Robert Hunter. You can find out more about the CD on my web page.

The Doors Live at the Matrix 1967 was recorded in a nearly-empty club just before the Doors hit it big with “Light My Fire.” I was way into the Doors before I ever heard the Grateful Dead, so I was happy to see this archival release on the schedule.

Support for the Grateful Dead Hour comes this week from:

Singer/songwriter Aaron Ferguson, presenting his one-man rock and roll show at the Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Center in New York City Saturday, November 22. Aaron’s solo performance will include elements of a jamband show with songs, jams and a folk rock approach. Sound samples and tickets are available at

Porchwerk Music and DIG Music, joining you in support of The Grateful Dead Hour and celebrating the release of the new CD by Boris Garcia, Once More Into The Bliss, featuring performances from Buddy Cage, Tim Carbone and Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay.

DG on Green 960 today

Friday, November 7th, 2008

I’m doing the Angie Coiro show today on Green 960 in San Francisco – progressive talk radio. 3-4pm Pacific time.

Angie has been using my song “It’s Gonna Get Better” as her closing music for a few weeks, and now that the CD is finally on the market, I get to tak about the CD and about what’s going on in the world.

You can listen online (or on the air in the Bay Area at 960 am), and you can call us at 866.960.5753.

Rubber Souldiers at MagFest

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Rubber Souldiers 10/25/08
MagnoliaFest, Live Oak FL

Lorin Rowan: guitar, mandolin, vocals
Chris Rowan: 12-string guitar, vocals
David Gans: guitar, vocals
Mark van Allen: pedal steel guitar
Byron House: bass
Wildman Steve: drums

Things We Said Today

Doctor Robert

Two of Us->
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Donna the Buffalo webcasts this weekend

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Come get your post-election Donna The Buffalo fix! The kind folks with Have You Herd Radio are video recording Donna the Buffalo shows this weekend and streaming live!

Friday Nov 07 Castaways – Ithaca, NY
Saturday Nov 08 Waterstreet Music Hall – Rochester, NY

Both shows with opening act Who You Are
doors open at 8pm
show starts at 9pm

The Video will be webcast at, which will be open sometime after 7pm est. There is a limited number of slots for viewers, so you may want to log in early. If you have problems tuning in, you can get live assistance in the chat room.

There will also be an audio only webcast of both shows @ www. for those of you that have trouble streaming the video.

Donna the Buffalo
From Cajun to country, reggae to improv, zydeco boogie to roots-rock riot, Donna the Buffalo aims for the best of what music has to offer.

Their singular sound features upbeat grooves, inspirational lyrics, memorable hooks, superb musicianship and an overwhelming sense of celebration. They’re an American institution, socially conscious yet eternally danceable.

17-year career. 100,000 records sold. 100 gigs a year. 15,000 attendees at the 2004 Grassroots Festival. No, this is not a MasterCard commercial. It’s just that numbers don’t hold a lot of value for Donna the Buffalo. For this eclectic upstate New York band, success isn’t quantitative. It isn’t being in constant rotation on Top 40 radio stations or video networks. It isn’t how much money’s rolling in or even how many people are in the band. “We just do what we do. And it’s a very natural thing. It’s a thing we find joy in and it’s a lifestyle that we’ve pursued for… ever,” says guitarist/vocalist Jeb Puryear, one of the band’s two primary songwriters. “We don’t manipulate any of our circumstances for the market.” That includes the band’s sound, which piles reggae, rock, country, zydeco, Cajun, and folk on top of old-time fiddle music to create a combination best described as original American dance music. “The thing about our music is that as eclectic as it is, it is also very accessible,” fellow songwriter Tara Nevins (fiddle, accordion, scrubboard, guitar and vocals) says. “It’s simple, straight-forward, melody-oriented and easy to take in.”

Station list changes

Friday, November 7th, 2008

We lost our Missoula MT outlet this month. “We’ve gone to a more classic Hits position,” said the station manager.

On the other hand, we’re about to add a station in Missouri. Details soon.

Current station list.

Dead to the World archives on KPFA

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Just a reminder that Dead to the World is permanently archived on KPFA’s web site.

Last night’s show (11/5/08) was worth checking out: photographer Jay Blakesberg in the first hour, and Berkeley musical treasures Eric and Suzy Thompson in the second. Listen here.

The first hour of October 29 was a salute to Merl Saunders, and the second was a sweet live performance by The Lindells. Listen here.

And this link will take you to the Dead to the World archive main page.

The Lindells:
The Lindells 10/29/08

Dead to the World 11/5/08

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Down to Eugene – David Gans, The Ones That Look the Weirdest Taste the Best

Interview with photographer Jay Blakesberg, whose new book is called Traveling on a High Frequency: Photographs 1978-2008.

Music Is Love – David Crosby, If I Could Only Remember My Name
All You Need Is LoveSteven Bernstein‘s Millennial Territory Orchestra, We Are MTO
Everybody’s Talkin’ – Bobby Bare, The Moon Was Blue

Midnight on the Water/K.C.Railroad BluesEric and Suzy Thompson, Dream Shadows

The New Election
Keep It to Yourself
Chinquapin Hunting/ Mike in the Wilderness
I Don’t Drink No Whiskey
The Hog-Eyed Man
– Eric and Suzy Thompson live in the KPFA studio

Little Bitty MamaEric and Suzy Thompson, Dream Shadows

Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues
Short’nin’ Bread
– Eric and Suzy Thompson live in the KPFA studio

Mickey Hart art in San Francisco

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

The Tao of Wood
Dennis Rae Fine Art welcomes Mickey Hart to San Francisco
November and December 2008

Friday November 21st, 2008: 7pm-9pm Special VIP reception, closed to the public
Saturday November 22nd, 2008: 7pm-9pm Premier of the Mickey Hart Art Show.

If you are interested in attending any of these special events with Mickey Hart please call Dennis Rae Fine Art at 415-292-0387 to RSVP and be placed on the guest list. Due to the overwhelming interest in these events the gallery will be closed to walk-in traffic, the guest list will be limited and all guests must be on the gallery list to attend the shows.

Photography will not be allowed, Dennis Rae Fine Art will have a professional photographer shooting the event. All guests who acquire one of Mickey’s pieces will have a personal picture taken with Mickey and their artwork dedicated by him at the show. Mickey will not be signing any memorabilia, books, etc. at the event, nor will he be taking pictures with guests who have not acquired one of his pieces. Please refrain from bringing any outside materials, cameras, video cameras, etc., you will not be allowed to attend the show with such items. Thank you for your understanding.

Dennis Rae Fine Art