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DROP THE BONE – CD and bonus disc

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

Drop the Bone

Drop the Bone is David Gans‘s new studio album of songs and improvisations, featuring Holly Bowling, Bob Bralove, J Raoul Brody, Jordan Feinstein, Terry Haggerty, Neil Hampton, John Hanes, Joe Kyle Jr., Robin Sylvester, Rubber Souldiers, Eric & Suzy Thompson, and other musicians.

Life Is a Jam
Be Like Earl
Summer By the Bay
River and Drown
Pleased to Meet You, part 2
Your Movie
That Strain We like
Box of Rain
Pancho and Lefty
Quarter to Five (for Tina Loney)
Here Comes the Sun

Drop the Bone is also available on bandcamp and

Also available: the Drop the Bone Bonus Disc:

Summer By the Bay (radio edit)
Life Is a Jam (radio edit)
Pancho and Lefty (radio edit)
Be Like Earl (2015 studio demo)
Pleased to Meet You, part 1
Life Is a Jam (alternate take, with jam)
Summer By the Bay (alternate take, with jam)

Download the bonus disc from bandcamp

Drop the Bone

Grateful Dead Hour no. 1530

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

Week of January 15, 2018

Part 1 26:22
Grateful Dead 10/17/81 Hippodrome, Paris, France

Part 2 29:36
Grateful Dead 10/17/81 Hippodrome, Paris, France

Peter Rowan, My Aloha (Omnivore Recordings)

Support for the Grateful Dead Hour comes this week from:

The Jerry Garcia Family and Round Records, announcing GarciaLive volume 10, recorded May 20, 1990 at the Hilo Civic Auditorium on the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s a joyous performance, presented in its entirety with liner notes by Dennis McNally. GarciaLive volume 10 will be available February 23 from

The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York. Pink Talking Fish will perform a full rendition of the epic Pink Floyd album, The Wall, intertwined with Talking Heads and Phish songs, with special guests at The Cap on Saturday, February 10. Every Wednesday is Grateful Dead night at Garcia’s. Events, information, and ticketing at

Red Roses, Green Gold – A new show featuring the songs of Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter. Now extended by popular demand through March 18th. The New York Times proclaims “Deadheads be grateful!” Playing in New York City’s Greenwich Village at the Minetta Lane Theatre. For Tickets visit