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Kind words for THIS IS ALL A DREAM…

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

J.W. Harris received the book as a gift and sent these kind words (shared with his permission):

“As I fully expected, I thoroughly enjoyed the read!! Moreso, however, I greatly respect and appreciate the task you set before yourselves in creating this work. As a former journalist, and now an all-too occasional freelance writer, I immediately began to see the herculean task the project wrought. On occasion, I have dabbled in the framework of oral history, but nothing on the order of magnitude “Dream” had to have involved. Hell, the mere collecting – and transcribing where needed – of interview material would be a bear alone. But the two of you not only did the hard work, you found the threads and themes to weave through the vignettes, creating a very conversational “history” – seeing events from multiple viewpoints, but now ‘narrated’ by the off-stage whisper of not only the two of you, but by Time itself. Praises … and the expected curses of one so Envious!! Seriously, a great job, and I am most pleased to add it to my library.”

You can order a SIGNED hardcover or paperback at Blair lives a few doors away, so you’ll get both autographs on the book!

TIAAD “outtake” re 3/17/70 with the Buffalo Philharmonic

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Have you seen that thing going around about a $500 reward for the lost recording of 3/17/70, Grateful Dead with the Buffalo Philharmonic?

Here’s a bit of info about that event, deleted from our final manuscript due to space issues:

Peter Case (musician): They were playing in Buffalo [March 17, 1970], at the Kleinhans Music Hall. It was a very strange gig, because the billing was the Grateful Dead, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Lukas Foss. The opening act was a top-40 band that was starting to kind of freak out. They were called the Mellow Brick Road at one point, but I think they just changed their name at the gig to The Road.

The Grateful Dead was fantastic, and they were full-on into that “Dark Star” period. They were great. Then the orchestra came out. I guess they said it was going to be a battle of the bands. The Dead was playing their music, but the leader of the orchestra would yell “Attack!” They’re not improvisers, particularly, the guys in the orchestra, but they were coached to attack the Grateful Dead musically. And they did, with their tympanis, their blasts of drums and horns and cacophony. The Grateful Dead were playing, doing one of their improvs, that loping boogie beat that Lesh and the drummers would be playing, the thing was just rolling along, and Jerry would be soloing. Then for a second there, the orchestra would sort of drown it out, and then the orchestra would stop and [the Dead] would sort of emerge out of the clouds of the attack, still doing their thing. It was pretty funny. The Grateful Dead never blinked. They just kept playing. [Laughs] It was really really funny and great.

Another strange thing about the show: The very opening act was a John Cage piece. You’re in whatever state you’re in when you go see the Grateful Dead in 1970… The way this piece went was, there were violinists and they walked out into the theater and they played their part as they walked through your aisle. You would have to stand up and let them pass. They went right through every aisle in the place, playing their violins. It was incredible, but the best part, of course was the Dead.

It was a great-sounding place, so the Dead sounded great in there. Everybody walked out saying that that was just completely insane, that the orchestra had topped themselves by acting completely nuts.

Bob Weir: I remember we brought our smallest amplifiers and we were still three or four times too loud. We had to turn them down to the point where we couldn’t really get tone out of them in order to not drown out the orchestra. A rock’n’roll trap drum kit acoustically is at least twice as loud as a symphony orchestra.

Paperback edition of “This is All a Dream”

Saturday, November 5th, 2016


The paperback is here! Order a signed copy by clicking here. You can tell us who to make it out to in the “instructions to the seller” field.

Order a signed copy of This Is All a Dream We Dreamed…

Sunday, September 25th, 2016

Use this link to order a copy of the hardcover edition of This Is All a Dream We Dreamed: An Oral History of the Grateful Dead signed by both authors. US addresses only, please! If you’re out of the country, contact me and we’ll work something out.

50 reviews on Amazon

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

This Is All a Dream We Dreamed: An Oral History of the Grateful Dead just picked up its 50th review on amazon! Forty-three of ’em are 5 stars, and none are less than three stars! Read the reviews here.

Order a signed copy here:

This Is All a Dream We Dreamed

Berkeley Public Library benefit Thu 6/2

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Join the Berkeley Public Library Foundation on June 2, 2016 at 7:00pm for a special gathering hosted by noted authors and chroniclers of the Grateful Dead, Peter Richardson and David Gans.

Richardson, an American Studies professor at San Francisco State University and author of No Simple Highway: A Cultural History of the Grateful Dead, will join David Gans, journalist and author of This is All a Dream We Dreamed: An Oral History of the Grateful Dead, to share perspectives on the cultural milieu which shaped and was shaped by The Grateful Dead.

The event will take place at Spats on Shattuck, one of Jerry Garcia’s Berkeley hangouts in the 1970s.

Tickets are $40 with proceeds benefitting the Berkeley Public Library and can be purchased here. Appetizers and beer are included in the ticket price.

This event is part of AfterWORDS, the Berkeley Public Library Foundation’s seasonal series of up close events with artists, authors and thinkers. Proceeds support It’s Time for Central, a fundraiser for Berkeley Public Library’s new Teen Room at the downtown Central Library.

About the Organization

The Berkeley Public Library Foundation raises funds for and advocates on behalf of the public library. The Foundation provides funding for library innovation and to help sustain the excellence of the buildings, services, collections and programs at all five locations of Berkeley Public Library. The current focus is on the “It’s Time for Central” campaign for improvements to the first and second floors at the Central Library, including a dynamic new space for teens, improved lighting and technology, a flexible reference room for expanded community activities, a more welcoming entryway, and display areas for public art. The Foundation also works to increase public awareness in the wider community that the public library is a living, evolving institution vital to our diverse community.

KLCC (Eugene) interview 4/20

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

I was interviewed by Eric Alan on KLCC Eugene OR last Wednesday, promoting that night’s gig with the Garcia Birthday Band and the Merry Pranksters at the WoW Hall.

The interview includes a live performance of “Down to Eugene” Listen here.

DG interview on Chico Currents

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Interview with my old pal Alan Chamberlain on his podcast Chico Currents

Rosie McGee on TIAADWD

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Kind words for This Is All a Dream We Dreamed from Rosie McGee, who is one of the voices in the collective narrative.

“The beauty of this unique book lies in the authors’ decision to let ‘those who were actually there’ tell the Grateful Dead story in their own words, from their own memories of living, working and traveling with the Dead, culled from hundreds of interviews conducted over many years. The bonus of these ‘mini-memoirs’ from the band members, crew, associates, family and friends lies in their recalling details of everyday life inside an environment that was all but ordinary. Great reading, plus an important reference book to add to your Grateful Dead bookshelf!”

Rosie McGee, photographer/author and one of those who were there, then.

This Is All a Dream We Dreamed

Ordering info for THIS IS ALL A DREAM and two new CDs

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Here’s how to order the book THIS IS ALL A DREAM WE DREAMED and the CDs YOU ARE HERE and IT’S A HAND-ME-DOWN as a package and save a few bucks.

This is for US addresses only! For international orders, contact me and we’ll find out how much to add for shipping.

(Track lists and more info on the two CDs here)

handmedown-coveryou-are-hereThis Is All a Dream We Dreamed

Glide Magazine reviews TIAADWD

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Very kind review by Doug Collette @ Glide Magazine. An excerpt:

…one of the greatest virtues of An Oral History of the Grateful Dead is the palpable way the discourse captures the good-natured whimsy and openness to serendipity at the heart of the band’s formation on through much of their career…

jambandsonline reviews TIAADWD

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Jam Bands Online reviews the book. An excerpt:

Whether long time fan or someone seeking a look inside the history of the band, this book will offer you glimpses into not only who the band was, what they set out to do, how they did it, the ups and downs, the twists and turns, and everything and everyone who made it all work. It paints a picture, colorful and quirky, of a band’s early and humble beginnings, and takes you on their journey from playing in small spaces to the large stage. There is a larger understanding of their reputation for being the major psychedelic jam band throughout the ‘80s and early ‘90s, up to Jerry Garcia’s untimely passing.

Order the book and 2 CDs

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Here’s how to order the book THIS IS ALL A DREAM WE DREAMED and the CDs YOU ARE HERE and IT’S A HAND-ME-DOWN as a package and save a few bucks.

This is for US addresses only! For international orders, contact me and we’ll find out how much to add for shipping.

(Track lists and more info on the two CDs here)

handmedown-coveryou-are-hereThis Is All a Dream We Dreamed

Ordering the book and CD

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Posting to keep this vital info at the top of the page!

This Is All a Dream We Dreamed: An Oral History of the Grateful Dead by Blair Jackson and David Gans was published on November 10. You can order an autographed (by both authors) copy direct from us: click here!

And my new album of Grateful Dead songs, It’s a Hand-Me-Down, is now available! Here’s a link to various online and CD options.

This Is All a Dream We Dreamedhandmedown-cover

Columbus Dispatch review of TIAAD

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Margaret Quamme reviews This Is All a Dream We Dreamed in the Columbus Dispatch Sunday, January 17, 2016

‘”Although the book’s ideal reader is probably a passionate fan, even the casual observer will find plenty to relish, including nuggets such as an account of a surreal concert at the pyramids in Egypt, and comments such as manager Rock Scully’s on the importance of having Pigpen McKernan — whose drug of choice was alcohol — in the band: “When Garcia’s guitar neck turned into a snake, Pigpen saw it as a guitar; Jerry could rely on him to do that.”‘

Read it here.