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Grateful Dead Hour #1030

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Week of June 16, 2008

Part 1 43:15
Press Conference 4/24/08
Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Eileen Law, et al.

Part 2 13:40
Grateful Dead, Road Trips vol 1 no 3: Summer ’71

On April 24, a press conference was held in San Francisco to announce the gift of the Grateful Dead’s archives to the University of California at Santa Cruz. This is not the music and video archive, aka the Vault – that material is in the hands of Rhino Records for commercial release. This is the collection of press clippings, photos, posters, fan mail, publicity materials, etc., lovingly cared for over the years by Eileen Law.

Here is UCSC’s web page about the project. They are soliciting donations to support the project.

Here is Regan McMahon’s article about it from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Here is the New York Times‘ story.

M friend Paul Hoffman attended the press conference. Here are his notes and photos.

Here are Bob Minkin’s photos.

Here is Rich Simon’s report from Relix.

Dead to the World 6/4/08

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Me and Kettle JoeDonna Jean and the Tricksters
Till the Morning ComesDonna Jean and the Tricksters (unreleased)

Not Fade AwayGrateful Dead (“Skull and Roses”)

Hey Bo Diddley->
I’m a Man->
I’ve Seen Them All->
– Grateful Dead with Bo Diddley, Dick’s Picks vol. 30 (3/25/72 Academy of Music, NYC)

Press conference 4/24/08 San Francisco CA, announcing the donation of the Grateful Dead archive to the University of California at Santa Cruz

The Preacher and the Slave
Casey Jones the Union Scab
Utah Phillips, We Have Fed You All a Thousand Years

Aimlessly DriftingBravo Johnson