Jon McIntire’s memorial (audio)

On May 15, 2012, several hundred friends of the late Jon McIntire gathered in his memory at the Sweetwater Music Hall. I wasn’t planning to record it, but I had my digital device in my pocket and at the last minute I turned it on and set it on my table. Fortunately, I was near the rowdy table where Steve Parish, Dan Healy, and other former Grateful Dead crew members were sitting, so I didn’t miss any of their unamplified contributions.

There are five audio files here, totaling a little over 50 mintes.

And here is Dennis McNally’s sweet tribute from DeadNet.

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  1. Susie Washington Smyth says:

    Thank you David. I especially like Big Steve, Bobby and Vickisa on your third audio tape. I was sitting next to Steve and was so overwhelmed by it all (and feeling like i dropped in from space) that I missed the sweetness they were saying.

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