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Friends, I noticed that some of you haven’t yet bought your copy of my latest studio CD, Drop the Bone. I’m hoping to move some units because I’m already at work on another new release (details coming soon). So I’m offering FREE SHIPPING if you order the CD and bonus disc before June 30. Click on this button to place your order.

Drop the Bone is David Gans‘s new studio album of songs and improvisations, featuring Holly Bowling, Bob Bralove, J Raoul Brody, Jordan Feinstein, Terry Haggerty, Neil Hampton, John Hanes, Joe Kyle Jr., Robin Sylvester, Rubber Souldiers, Eric & Suzy Thompson, and other musicians.

Life Is a Jam
Be Like Earl
Summer By the Bay
River and Drown
Pleased to Meet You, part 2
Your Movie
That Strain We like
Box of Rain
Pancho and Lefty
Quarter to Five (for Tina Loney)
Here Comes the Sun

Drop the Bone is also available on bandcamp and nugs.net

The Drop the Bone Bonus Disc:

Summer By the Bay (radio edit)
Life Is a Jam (radio edit)
Pancho and Lefty (radio edit)
Be Like Earl (2015 studio demo)
Pleased to Meet You, part 1
Life Is a Jam (alternate take, with jam)
Summer By the Bay (alternate take, with jam)

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