Scary, stupid people

“He’s got the bloodlines.” Chilling.

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  1. cousinkix1953 says:

    Hey David:

    Sarah Palin has some radical friends too. If they find a right wing Christian, suspected of bombing abortion clinics in her circle of friends, then you won’t hear about Bill Ayers any more. There isn’t much difference between the Weather Underground and the Army of God, which bombed Planned Parenthood facilities in the 80s.

    Talked to friends of mine in southern Illinois and rural Missouri. They certainly have heard of these right wing terrorist fundies. I wonder if Obama got the skinny on this self-described AOG bunch?

  2. ernie oertle23 says:

    Yeah but Cousin. Yeah but SarahPalin didn’t hangout for 20 effin’ years w/ certain poisoning and undermining p’s.o.s. like theDearLeader did. Didn’t launch her political career from one of them’s frontroom like theOne We’ve Been Waiting For did. Not that there’s anything odorous about any of that, Huh? And by “got the skinny on”, are you daydreaming of – righteous, enlightened “””progressive””” vengeance finally being brought to bear on these true actual for-real I’m-not-shitten-ya shitass Christians — er, I mean terrorists. The right-wing fundy types. Like Sarah, they ARE such an existential-threat! Oh goody!!!

  3. Dusty says:

    So tired of politics. I wasn’t alive during the last great wave of social upheaval in this country, but have suffered through this whole decade of fear, excess, and global turmoil.

    It isn’t clear why we *all* can’t be the change we wish to see, in a peaceful way. It seems sometimes as if evolution has switched into reverse. There are bad and scary and downright stupid people on both sides. Will we ever rise above this and get back to peaceful progress?

  4. DG says:

    That is the question, Dusty.

  5. ernie oertle23 says:

    “… (S)eems as if evolution has switched into reverse. There are bad and scary and downright stupid people on both sides.” … Yeah, I did accuse theLeft of poisoning & undermining the American culture. Like, theWSJ saying on Wed3Oct08 about DingyHarryReid: stepped in front of reporters & offhandedly announced something about “a major insurance company w/ a name everyone knows, is on the verge of bankruptcy”. TheWSJ hammered Reid for irresponsible high-party-official conduct of throwing out rumors that can obliterate economic value, instantly. Same goes for ChuckSchumer in July when he dropped something into the public about theIndyMacBank – which precipitated a withdrawal-run. And on Mon29Sep when `DamascusNancy’Pelosi inflamed partisanship in a national-crisis, w/ her asshat-speech before Congress. All of this raises the question: are they TRYING to make things worse? ??? Remember about 3-or-4yrs ago, when theDemocrat lament was, they don’t win elections because they don’t play dirty enough – or somesuch hypocrisy?
    “I .. have suffered through this whole decade of fear, excess, and global turmoil.” – Naive. – With O! winning this election & having a filibuster-proof ultra-lib Congress behind him – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! But I’ll wager fersure, eventho he won’t be prez – you’ll still gullibly blame `theShrub’.

  6. Al says:

    Just called Sirius radio to lament that the failed “Public Radio” residue has now found a new home on “tales from the Golden Road” (Will cancel my subscription) based on the literally bankrupt attach on John McCain, as I was explaining that i did not want to pay for radio and hear a bunch of left wing propaganda, was told what an Fing loser McCain was, and how constitutional Obama was!!! What other wisdom can we expect, to the left that was an argument for Obama!!! Wow… We cannot afford to let these ignorant left wing nuts control anything except maybe dog catcher… Public radio is DEAD!! Get it…

  7. Fritz says:

    Poor wingnuts… You got nothing but fumes.

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