Interesting essay on Jerry Garcia

Mary Eisenhart passed this along.

Jon Reed Goes Off On: Jerry’s Dead

I sorta had to force myself to read past this line –

Jerry will never be able to tell us why his remarkable extended family couldn’t keep him away from the needle.

– but I’m glad I did.

Jerry’s creativity was like a Pandora’s Box to him – once he opened it up, he had to face the bad with the good.

Until we open our own Box and reckon with what’s inside, we sound pretty weak passing judgment on a man who has been brave enough to live out his deepest contradictions in the glaring eye of the public.


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  1. Dusty says:

    Damn, his article hurts my heart. Pandora’s Box indeed, most folks are too scared to even try to find theirs. None of us are guaranteed tommorrow, which is why it is so good to try to enjoy today. That’s the problem with the world. Maybe the ideals that came out of the sixties died a long time ago, but the world already has enough anger and rage in it. What the world needs is beauty. Beautiful and unbounded creation is the ultimate “fuck you” to an ugly world..

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