KBCS drops the GD Hour

Just got a note that KBCS Bellevue (Seattle) WA is dropping the GD Hour.

The program director said, “This is a strategic decision. The station’s long-term focus is on developing locally created music content. The Grateful Dead Hour was the sole remaining syndicated show on our schedule. Although it is a very high quality program, it is time for KBCS to move on.”

Being both a working musician and a longtime advocate for community radio, I entirely support KBCS’s desire to focus on locally-produced music shows.

Not sure if the station would be receptive to listener requests to reconsider…

Here is our current station list, revised to reflect KBCS’s departure.

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2 Responses to “KBCS drops the GD Hour”

  1. Dave DePartee says:

    I was the one who first brought the GD Hour to KBCS back in 1992 and it’s been a huge show for the station, with a followup hour of Grateful Dead related material. It filled a vital role in presenting great music complimentary to the eclectic tastes of KBCS listeners and it’s a shame the station is dropping it after a 27-year run. I hope they may reconsider. Or, if not, that it can be broadcast by another local radio station. It’s a great show and deserves to be heard. Thank you David Gans for all your hard work in presenting this document of an important American band. – Dave DePartee

  2. Randy Bowles says:

    Thanks so much for getting the GDH on KBCS all those years ago, Dave. I remember you doing that. My friends and I at the fricking Bank of California, Seattle Branch, were so happy! Yes! I wrote the KBCS PD, expressing my sorrow over this; but I know the decision is cast in stone. As you say, perhaps another station will carry it, like KSER maybe….

    Thank you again for your efforts!

    Randy Bowles, Seattle Musician/Blogger/Long-time KBCS fan (and I have played live on KBCS 6 times)

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