Kind words for THIS IS ALL A DREAM…

J.W. Harris received the book as a gift and sent these kind words (shared with his permission):

“As I fully expected, I thoroughly enjoyed the read!! Moreso, however, I greatly respect and appreciate the task you set before yourselves in creating this work. As a former journalist, and now an all-too occasional freelance writer, I immediately began to see the herculean task the project wrought. On occasion, I have dabbled in the framework of oral history, but nothing on the order of magnitude “Dream” had to have involved. Hell, the mere collecting – and transcribing where needed – of interview material would be a bear alone. But the two of you not only did the hard work, you found the threads and themes to weave through the vignettes, creating a very conversational “history” – seeing events from multiple viewpoints, but now ‘narrated’ by the off-stage whisper of not only the two of you, but by Time itself. Praises … and the expected curses of one so Envious!! Seriously, a great job, and I am most pleased to add it to my library.”

You can order a SIGNED hardcover or paperback at Blair lives a few doors away, so you’ll get both autographs on the book!


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