DG’s live show 12/25/21

Here is my live show from Christmas Day. Some people can’t or won’t go to FB, so I posted this for another friend and thought I’d share it here.

David Gans 12/25/21 live from Oakland (Dropbox link)

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da->
Forever Young
The Town That Still Believes in Magic
The Times, They Are A-Changin’
You’ve Got a Friend
Help Me Make It Through the Night
Cassidy’s Cat
Bartender’s Blues
Yellow Moon
My Sisters and Brothers

Most of this set is requests from a group of regulars, celebrating the birthday of one of them. My active repertoire is well over 300 songs.

“Help Me Make it Through the Night” returned to my repertoire after I heard Kris Kristofferson sing it on The Muppet Show the other night. And that somehow inspired me to remember “Bartender’s Blues,” which I have sung with Darlis Wood at many parties.

I play a live set every day, and I am planning to continue doing so until it’s safe to play gigs outside the house again.

Tuesday through Sunday 4-5pm Pacific Time @deadheadland
Monday 3-4:15pm Pacific time @dgansmusic

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