Grateful Dead in Boulder CO 9/3/72: were you there?

This is from my dear friend G Brown, who runs the Colorado Music Experience. They’re planning to commemorate the Dead’s performance at Folsom Field (Boulder CO) on September 3, 1972, and they would love to hear from anybody who was there!

Colorado Music Experience is looking for any anecdotes or memories from people who attended the Grateful Dead’s first show at Folsom Field in Boulder — 50 years ago, in September 1972. We welcome any musical or cultural input, but specifically, we’d love any intel regarding the explosion of “lids”/reefer that occurred near both sides of the stage in the middle of the show. We’ll post responses in conjunction with the Dead’s show at Folsom next month (6/17-18). is email address. (Thanks to our previous good work, we’ve got photos, posters, ticket stubs, etc. to festoon this info.)

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