Dark Star Marathon: the music

I don’t have a list of the broadcast in order, and I’m not sure if all of these pieces made it into the final playlist, but here is a list of the selections I submitted for our Sirius XM Grateful Dead Channel Dark Star marathon:

2/27/1969 Fillmore West (Live Dead)
4/27/1969 Minneapolis (Dick’s Picks 26)
11/8/1969 Fillmore West (Dick’s Picks 16). Dark Star-> The Other One-> Dark Star -> Uncle John’s Jam -> Dark Star
2/13/1970 Fillmore East (Dick’s Picks 4)
9/19/1970 Fillmore East. Dark Star-> Stephen-> Not Fade Away-> Lovelight
4/28/1971 Fillmore East (Ladies and Gentlemen… The Grateful Dead)
10/31/1971 Columbus OH (Dick’s Picks 2). Dark Star-> jam-> Sugar Magnolia
4/8/1972 Wembley, England (Steppin’ Out with the Grateful Dead)
8/27/1972 Veneta OR. Dark Star-> El Paso
9/21/1972 Philadelphia (Dick’s Picks 36) Dark Star-> Morning Dew
10/18/1972 St Louis, Playing in the Band-> Drums-> Dark Star-> Morning Dew-> Playing in the Band
6/10/1973 Washington DC
6/24/1973 Portland OR. Dark Star-> Eyes of the World-> China Doll
8/1/1973 Jersey City
10/25/1973 Madison WI. Dark Star-> Mind Left Body Jam
11/11/1973 Winterland (Winterland 1973 boxed set)
12/6/1973 Cleveland OH
2/24/1974 Winterland. Dark Star-> Morning Dew
6/23/1974 Miami (Audience recording by Jerry Moore). Dark Star jam-> Spanish Jam-> US Blues
10/18/1974Winterland (Grateful Dead Movie DVD/Soundtrack CD). Jam-> Dark Star-> Morning Dew
12/31/1978 Winterland (Closing of Winterland DVD/Soundtrack CD). Dark Star-> The Other One-> Dark Star
7/13/1984 Greek Theater, Berkeley (Audience recording)
10/26/1989 Miami Arena
7/12/1990 Washington DC (View from the Vault II DVD/Soundtrack CD)
11/1/1990 London. Playing in the Band jam-> Dark Star-> Drums-> Space-> Jam-> Dark Star
10/31/1991 Oakland Coliseum Arena. Dark Star-> Drums-> Space-> Dark Star-> The Last Time With Gary Duncan on guitar, Ken Kesey speaking about Bill Graham’s death (including an e.e. cummings poem)
11/14-15/2008 Ratdog @ Tower Th, Upper Darby PA

David Murray Octet, Dark Star (The Music of the Grateful Dead)
David Grisman Quintet, from Various Artists, Stolen Roses: Songs of the Grateful Dead
Tom Constanten: Mountains of the Moon-> Dark Star
Fit and Limo, The Serpent Unrolled

There were many more that deserved to be included, obviously. I had several 1968 selections in the works, but I just ran out of time. And I coulda sworn I had the audience recording of 1/10/79 in there. Dang. We’ll just have to do it again with another batch of Dark Stars!


4 Responses to “Dark Star Marathon: the music”

  1. Bubba says:

    It’s been awesome. Thanks!

  2. Bear says:

    I’m glad THE ONE (2/24/74) made it :)

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  4. ihor says:

    great jumpin’ mahoney! some kid ought a grab that list and do a thesis on the evolution of ‘dark star’!

    I-) ihor

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