DG’s daily livestreams: three years and counting!

I haven’t played every single day since April 3, 2020, but I haven’t missed very many! I play most days at 4 pm Pacific, but I am starting earlier on certain days because I am also working for nugs.net on the Dead & Company tour so I need to be finished in time to watch their show!

My performances are streamed live on these platforms:
Tip jar, CDs, signed books, t-shirts, and mugs: perfectible.net

I have played more than 500 different songs (including more than 100 unique improvisations). The top 50 (* = my original songs):

*Blue Roses 161
*The Town That Still Believes in Magic 151
*It’s Gonna Get Better 147
Days Between 137
Box of Rain 130
Scarlet Begonias 123
*Jam 119
*Save Us from the Saved 118
Terrapin Station 113
Brokedown Palace 111
Looks Like Rain 108
*Cassidy’s Cat 105
Wharf Rat 104
*That’s Real Love 104
*Leave Me 102
Sitting in Limbo 102
Friend of the Devil 102
Touch of Grey 101
*River and Drown 100
Pancho and Lefty 99
*Summer By the Bay 98
Ship of Fools 97
Forever 96
Stella Blue 95
*Be Like Earl 92
*An American Family 91
*Travelin’ Man 89
Dark Star 89
Norwegian Wood 88
*Hooker River 85
*Life Is a Jam 85
She Loves You 84
*Like a Dog 83
Bird Song 83
New Speedway Boogie 82
Promised Land 81
Althea 81
Lazy River Road 79
Here Comes Sunshine 79
*The Folk Process 77
*Jacqueline 77
Miss That Car 74
Broken Arrow 74
Black Throated Wind 72
Attics of My Life 72
Mr Soul 70
*Your Movie 70
Down to Eugene 69
*Shove in the Right Direction 69
*The Minstrel 68

Two of those songs are only half mine: “The Town That Still Believes in Magic” was written with Scott Guberman; “Shove in the Right Direction” was written with Lorin Rowan.

“Down to Eugene” was written by Jim Page; “Forever” was written by Ira Marlowe; “Miss That Car” was written by Joe Burke

I’ve gotten some press attention. The San Francisco Chronicle has covered my daily performances, and so has Live for Live Music.

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