Original songs by David Gans

Some of you may not be aware that I write a lot of my own material! The first thing I ever played on the guitar was a song my brother helped me write. He showed me the chords and I was off and running! That was more than 50 years ago. Some of these songs go back to my collaboration with a high-school classmate, Stephen Donnelly.

I’ve had a few other collaborations along the way, as noted below. I am of course most proud of having written two songs with Robert Hunter: “Like a Dog” and “Shut Up and Listen.”

Afterbird (Skehan-Gans)
An American Family
Autumn Day
Be Like Earl
Blue Roses
Blues Again
The Bounty of the County (Hurault-Gans)
Cassidy’s Cat
Crazy Crazy Crazy
Dawn’s Early Light
Desert of Love
Distance to the Door (Donnelly-Gans)
Falling Star
The Folk Process
Headin’ Home Already
High Guy
Hooker River
It’s Gonna Get Better
Leave Me (Donnelly-Gans)
Life Is a Jam
Like a Dog (Hunter-Gans)
Live One
The Minstrel (Donnelly-Gans)
Monica Lewinsky
The Nightmare (Donnelly-Gans)
Prophet and Loss
Quarter to Five (for Tina Loney)
Ran into God
River and Drown
San Rafael Swell
Save Us from the Saved
Shove in the Right Direction (Rowan-Gans)
Shut Up and Listen (Hunter-Gans)
Sovereign Soul
Summer By the Bay
Surely You Jest
Teslas All the Way Down (Rut-Gans)
That’s Real Love
Therapy Blues (Rut-Gans)
These Apartments
The Town That Still Believes in Magic (Guberman-Gans)
Travelin’ Man
Waltzing Across Texas
Wherever I Am
Who Killed Uncle John?
Your Movie

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