Lights-Sound-Dialog: Grateful Dead in Boulder 1969-1981

Join Colorado Music Experience on Friday, April 26 at Fiske Planetarium for “Lights • Sound • Dialog — Grateful Dead • Boulder 1969-1981.”

This select symposium on the Grateful Dead’s visual and audio improvisation is in the context of the band’s four concerts on the University of Colorado-Boulder campus—at the University Memorial Center (1969), Folsom Field (1972 and 1980) and the CU Events Center (1981). Grateful Dead scholar David Gans, Micheal Sebulsky from the CU College of Music, and musician Kenny Passarelli (whose band Conal Implosion opened for the Dead at the 1969 performance) will perform and skillfully deconstruct the Dead’s musical improvisations from those shows, and representatives from Spontanuity will recreate their psychedelic light show from 1969 on the Fiske Planetarium dome—using archival assets from the original event! Two shows, 6:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Tickets are $35 + $1.50.

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