KPFA marathon thanks and links

The January 31 KPFA marathon playlist is posted here. Thanks to all who contributed to KPFA, hung out in the chat room, came to the station to take pledges – and those who weren’t able to give to KPFA but listened to the music and contributed to the vibe.

You can still contribute to KPFA, of course. Take a look at this page and see the huge list of thank-you gifts.

Thanks to:

Josh Troy, Ben Trask, Jason Spitz, Rich Mahan, and Mary Eisenhart at Rhino/DeadNet for their invaluable assistance in making the day a success.

Sandy Hall at for sending some excellent coffee for us at the station and for donors to the cause. It’s quite an honor to have a blend named after me! And Sandy hung out in the chat room quite a bit, too.

Tim Lynch and Angie Coiro for stopping by to pitch.

Marc (Capt. Clearlight) Evans for staying on message in the chat room.

Michele C Hollow (author) and Amy Vida (publisher) for donating Grateful Dead: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

John Bergan at Grateful Graphics for spreading the word; for donating gift cards; for bringing a big box of gifties for the phone crew; and for doing a shift in the phone room, too.

Eric Eichorn for working in the phone room ALL DAY! And giving money, too! What a guy!

Phone room supervisors Allison Rolls and Joseph Maurer, for keeping it together all day and into the night.

Luis Medina, KPFA’s music director; Sasha Lilley, KPFA’s program director; and Gar Niederhoff, KPFA’s subscriptions director..

Sandy Sonnenfelt for bringing dinner.

Bob Jaffe of the Grand Bakery for bringing sweets.

And of course, Charlie Miller for providing so much great music.


2 Responses to “KPFA marathon thanks and links”

  1. Thanks David for mentioning my children’s book Grateful Dead What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been. I enjoyed the interview, and I hope many people pledged.

  2. Marc Evans says:

    As always David, thank you for your time and deadication. The 15-hours seemed to fly by this year and this certainly was in no small part because of the excellent job provided by you and all others involved. It is always a privilege and a pleasure to be able to participate and I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be of service to our community.

    We’ll see you againe next year, if not sooner.


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