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The media landscape in this country is changing significantly, as newspapers go out of business, the music industry collapses, and the broadcast media contracts. The culture and information that KPFA provides is becoming ever more rare. KPFA has bucked the trend by expanding its news coverage with a groundbreaking news collaboration with our sister stations KPFK in Los Angeles and KFCF in Fresno, to bring stories from all over California to our listeners. It is vital that KPFA stays vibrant and healthy, well beyond our 60th anniversary, so we can fill the holes vacated by disappearing newsrooms and bookstores.

Please consider becoming a Friend of the station and providing us with your ongoing support at the level of $5 a month or as a Sustainer at the level of $10 month. Right now we’re offering many thank you gifts. You can choose whatever level suits you and receive various thank you gifts as well. But the most important gift is keeping KPFA vital at a moment when critical information and innovative music and culture are increasingly endangered.

KPFA excels in not only bringing you voices from the streets, but providing vital perspectives and analysis that you won’t hear elsewhere. Imagine your world without the information that KPFA provides – ask yourself if you’d find it elsewhere in the media – and then pledge what you can afford to keep us bringing you vital local, regional, national, and international news and analysis.

These are tumultuous times, times of change and turmoil. These are times when KPFA is crucially needed. KPFA is a vital resource and solace for people in our listening communities, whether in Northern California or around the world, and it’s essential that it’s sustained in times like these. Your pledge allows those who can’t afford to pledge to also have access to the breadth and depth of music that only KPFA offers. Whether you listen via our terrestrial radio signal or over the web, support our work today.

If you listen live online at, or listen to archives and podcasts of our programs, please pledge to help pay for those costs. Over 60,000 people a month listen to KPFA via our website in countries from Brazil to the Philippines to Lebanon. If you’re one of them, or if you listen to KPFA from within the US or California, please click on the Support link and pledge securely to keep KPFA alive and thriving.

As the world’s first listener-sponsored radio station, KPFA has blazed a trail through modern American history, giving birth to the Pacifica Radio network, winning every major award in radio, and shaping the medium in this country. We need your support to keep doing the work that you rely upon us for: the hard-hitting news and public affairs, the nurturing arts and music that sustains us through adversity. Help celebrate 60 years of visionary radio from the mother of public broadcasting by joining KPFA now.

In these difficult financial times, your donation to KPFA is one of the soundest investments you can make. Not only is it tax deductible to the fullest amount legally allowed, but you’re investing in the future – in change and the potential for a brighter tomorrow. We provide you with music, arts, and crucial and critical information that allow all of us to take collective action, to articulate that a better world is possible, and then act on that hope.

In this past election season, we brought you debates over the many propositions and races that would shape the years to come, making KPFA the place to go for local, regional and national politics. We just launched a news collaboration with our sister stations KPFK in Los Angeles and KFCF in Fresno to cover the state of California and report on the issues of concern to residents, whether foreclosures, incarceration, labor struggles or the like. And with a new government in place, KPFA has helped launch a national program called Letters to Washington, hosted by our own Mitch Jeserich. If you value critical reporting and political analysis, let us know by pledging at

This year we celebrate 60 years on the air, as the world’s first listener-sponsored radio station. We’ve only made it to where we are because of the many thousands of listeners like you have taken a stand in support of radio not beholden to commercial sponsors or underwriters. Become part of the solution today by making your pledge to KPFA at

They are times in which newspapers are folding and music and culture are disappearing around us. KPFA matters now more than ever, because the avenues for diverse and wide-ranging music and arts are becoming increasingly scarce, while real reporting has become an endangered species. KPFA went on the air 60 years ago, fueled by a mission of cultural expression and investigation into the causes of conflict between people and nations. That mission is needed now more than ever. Please support it by becoming a sustainer today.

Always Relevant, Never Commercial!

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