Intern at Sirius XM

If any of you know any college students who might be interested in an internship at Sirius/XM (and specifically the GD and JamOn channels), they are recruiting right now. Here’s the info:

Requirements for internship: Must be at least 18 years old. Must be enrolled in a college or university and be receiving academic credit for the internship (all internships are UNPAID). Must work a minimum of 20 hours per week; no more than 40.

SIRIUS XM Radio Music Programming Interns receive hands-on experience with the day-to-day operations needed to successfully program a radio station. Interns are asked to load, edit and properly mark intros and cross fades on all audio in automation system (Nex Gen Prophet/Dalet). Segue talent voice breaks; monitor audio levels and report issues. Gain an understanding of music scheduling software (Music Master/Powergold) and assist with database maintenance; adding music and non-music elements into rotation, research back-fill information (label, composer, etc.), if not supplied. Review various types of audio and isolate pieces for on-air use through Adobe Audition; listener phone calls, artist interviews, liners, or IDs. Assist with maintenance of CD Music Library; includes database up-keep, labeling and filing new music CDs, interviews and live performances. Other responsibilities are included.

Please contact with your resume details with FALL INTERNSHIP in the subject line so we can easily spot your email.


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  1. J.D. says:

    There is a new DVD movie out about the whole Sirius XM history called: Stock Shock. Very good flick and explains stock market manipulation as well. Stock Shock is at and

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  3. Thomas Scott Rowen says:

    Well, a college student I am not. But a longtime Deadhead with a fair amount of social/technical abilities I am…. Tom Rowen

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