“My Improvised Life”

This afternoon I spoke to the Rotary Club in Oakland. My connection to the Grateful Dead was the hook, and my theme was “My Improvised Life.” I recorded it on my iPhone, if you’d care to hear it. It’s about 27 minutes.

Thanks to C.J. Hirschfield (executive director of Children’s Fairyland) for inviting me!

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  1. DP says:

    I enjoyed hearing the audio of your talk and it’s nice of you to share this wonderful overview of your life, how you got into media and music. I’ve heard the early radio documentary on GSET (The Pump Song) you described, since you’ve rebroadcast it on several occasions. Always liked how you mixed in the interviews along with the sounds and music in that story.

    The Rotary Club audience sounded very engaging with their questions, so it must have been a fun afternoon.

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