KPFA marathon 2/19/11 PLAYLIST

Unofficial total for the day: $58,363!!

Credits and more info here

Promised Land
Dire Wolf
El Paso
They Love Each Other
Brown-Eyed Women
Lazy Lightnin’->
Grateful Dead 5/5/78 Thompson Arena, Dartmouth College, Hanover NH

Phone interview with Mark Pinkus, the head of Grateful Dead projects at Rhino Records
Black Throated Wind – Grateful Dead 4/14/72, Europe ’72: The Complete Recordings
Interview with Jeffrey Norman
Chinatown Shuffle – Grateful Dead 4/14/72, Europe ’72: The Complete Recordings

Fire on the MountainWidespread Panic 2/10/11 Athens GA
Cumberland BluesDavid Nelson Band 2/12/11 Palm Ballroom, San Rafael CA
Midnight MoonlightPeter Rowan with Boris Garcia 12/10/08 KPFA Performance Studio

Cold Rain and Snow
Mexicali Blues
Tennessee Jed
Beat It on Down the Line
Bird Song
Black Throated Wind
Big Railroad Blues
El Paso
Brown-Eyed Women
Cumberland Blues
Jack Straw
Don’t Ease Me In
Playing in the Band
Casey Jones
– Grateful Dead 10/2/72 Civic Center Arena, Springfield MA

Good Times – Grateful Dead 6/16/90 Shoreline
Phone interview with David Lemieux
Loser – Grateful Dead 4/14/72, Europe ’72: The Complete Recordings

Hey Pocky Way
Jack Straw
Row Jimmy
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Dupree’s Diamond Blues
Box of Rain
Might as Well
– Grateful Dead 11/7/87 Henry J Kaiser, Oakland CA

Somebody Stole My Santa Claus SuitDan Hicks and the Lick Men 12/2/09 KPFA Performance Studio
Pickle and TacoJoe Rut 4/21/10 KPFA Performance Studio

Deep Elem Blues
Beat It On Down the Line
I’m a King Bee
Me and My Uncle
Cumberland Blues/
– Grateful Dead 12/23/70 Winterland, San Francisco

Alabama Getaway->
Greatest Story Ever Told
Dire Wolf
Me and My Uncle->
Big River
Cold Rain and Snow
Easy to Love You
Lost Sailor->
Saint of Circumstance
– Grateful Dead 12/5/79 Uptown Theater, Chicago IL

Break for the KPFA evening news. Back at 6:30

Leave a Light On
Wild About My Lovin’
Long Term Love
Summer in the City
Into the Mystic
Roll in It
The Monkey
Soul Island
I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today
Memphis Radio
A Mark Karan Experience live in the KPFA Performance studio

Dark Star – Grateful Dead 2/14/70 Fillmore East

Eyes of the World->
China Doll
– Grateful Dead 7/19/74 Selland Arena, Fresno CA

This pair of songs, and the amazing “Weather Report Suite” and jam that precede it, are available (in download form, along with a nice chunk of 5/19/74 set 2) as a thank-you gift for a $60 pledge to KPFA. Ask for “Best of the Grateful Dead Hour vol 2”)

Shakedown StreetDavid Murray Octet, Dark Star (The Musc of the Grateful Dead)

Interviews with Bob Weir and Giancarlo Aquilanti regarding First Fusion, a collaboration with the Marin Symphony happening May 7 in San Rafael.
Let It Grow – Bob Weir and friends, rehearsing for First Fusion 2/5/11

Uncle John’s Band->
Playing in the Band->
I Need a Miracle->
Black Peter->
Throwing Stones->
Not Fade Away
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
One More Saturday Night
– Grateful Dead 11/7/87 Henry J Kaiser, Oakland CA

Werewolves of LondonGrateful Dead 5/5/78 Thompson Arena, Dartmouth College, Hanover NH
Interview: Betty Cantor-Jackson 3/18/10 talking about “Betty Board” recordings

Playing in the Band – Grateful Dead 4/11/72, Europe ’72: The Complete Recordings

Dark Star->
Sittin’ On Top of the World->
Dark Star->
Me and Bobby McGee
– Grateful Dead 10/21/71 Auditorium Theater, Chicago IL

I Wish You LoveDonna the Buffalo, Positive Friction

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42 Responses to “KPFA marathon 2/19/11 PLAYLIST”

  1. Grateful Ted says:

    DG – you are the Johnny Appleseed of the GD!
    Profound Thanks for your years of service to this music, the fans and the band!

    Grateful Ted
    SF, CA

  2. Tom Makin says:

    I am laid up healing from surgery. Thanks for making this the best recovery day possible.
    I am….toogr8fltm
    San Leandro, CA

  3. Jonathan says:

    Listening in New York — the Dartmouth show rocks! Thanks so much… thinking of our late friend Walt K. as the music plays. Have fun!


  4. scottishlass says:

    this is awesome……….. my day has been made:) bear hugs from ohio!

  5. Emily says:

    my first show ever … 15 years old, strolling on down to the Thompson Arena … too cool!

  6. John Hell says:

    Loving it as always. A great way to spend a rainy day in Brisbane (Cali that is, not the over-flooded Australia) . Thanks David.

  7. Lori says:

    You are not the only one with problems in the chatroom.
    I’ve gotten on 3 times and within 2 minutes I get dumped and a screen saying please log on and naturally it won’t let me in.

  8. Nick Newlin says:

    It is always a pleasure!
    I recall fondly the days in the 1980’s when I would tune into the Grateful Dead Hour from my little boombox on the road and record it to cassette tape.
    Ah yes, the primitive and yet fully satisfying joys that transcend time and space and accompany us on our voyage to this moment!
    Thanks for sharing so many joyful moments;
    see you in the realm of virtual friendship!

  9. Charlie Miller says:

    Hey David,

    Have a great day. I wish I was able to stream the marathon, but I’m driving across Florida with a crappy internet connection. I wanted to give you a big thanks for helping KPFA and the Grateful Dead community as much as you have over the years.

    Charlie Miller

  10. Yes! In the tradition of sunflowers, i am raising my bowed head on this rainy day in Oakland CA and raising my coffee cup to you and the Dead and all deadheads on this planet and others. Especially Mars (my home of origin. earth is my preferred home away from home). I have been tuning into the dead and writing psychedilec semi-fiction for as long as i can remember…and today. much love! – Kat (

  11. Molly Thrash says:

    I’ll miss you in the chat, Charlie! Like Tom up there, I’m laid up from surgery too, and this is a great way to spend the day, even if I can’t get up and dance. Thanks in advance for the Brent, DG!!


  12. Bob Delaney says:

    Thank you David for all that you do for the KPFA and the entire Grateful Dead community – I’m having a lazy day just sitting around lovin’ the tunes!

  13. carol shinker says:

    Love David – best hippie I’ve met. Real deal.

    Hi Dave – will call in later from Vancouver… sure do miss you!
    Love always,

  14. dark.starz says:

    As always, great work David!

    Are you sure about the “Good Times” Shoreline 06/16/90 ?

  15. Charlie Miller says:

    They opened the show with it.

  16. Eric Taylor says:

    Good call with Springfield, MA 1972 and Dartmouth College 1978. They’re both shows I was lucky enough to attend. Thanks for this day of quality music David and all.

  17. Al Goodkarmechanic says:

    Thanks David for another terrific Grateful Dead KPFA marathon!
    I’ve been laid up with back problems for a week.
    Today is the first day I feel I’m really on the mend.
    Lovin’ the music & the vibes…
    While Lady Lullaby sings plainly for you love still rings true

  18. dark.starz says:

    Good Ol Charlie Miller, razor sharp as alway’s!

    I think of Sam Cookes “Good Times” as LTGTR or Let The Good Times Roll, and sometimes confuse this with Brent Mydland’s “Never Trust a Women” which was sometimes referred to as “Good Times” in the early days.

  19. Tom Chapa says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, senor David, to help brighten-up a wet & dreary Bay Area winters day.

    Let The Good Times Roll is the song performed by Louis Jordan in the movie Blues Brothers the record Elwood puts on when he is at the apartment with Jake.

    David is a radio man, he got it right, you may be confused because the 06/16/90 DVD labels the opening tune Let The Good Times Roll, which is actually a cover of Sam Cookes Good Times.

    In David We Trust.

  20. nabe says:

    I’m Listening in Japan.

  21. JCee26 says:

    Listening from NY..lovin the music but what is up with all the “recovering from surgury”…is this what happens from all those many nights of dancin’ and dancin’…
    Thank you David lovin’ it

  22. Keira's Dad says:

    Great way to spend a cold rainy day in SF. Thanks very much, David! Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile!

  23. trikos98 says:

    in 1990 my bus got broken into at the JGB show Dec 22 at the masonic and the entire new years run mail order tics were taken. So my buddy and I immediately switched on the tape deck and touch of grey belted out. We got on and posted our woes. Those amazing people got 8 of us covered for each show including new years, my first. The sense of community runs strong, wish i was there on the phones

  24. Shiney Mike says:

    Hey, David Gans. When there is a long segment of the band launching into some Jam > Drums > Space > closing sequence, and you are satisfied with your fund-raising effort for today, (great work, especially with Bonnie Simmons alongside) could you please list the titles which were perfomed by A Mark Karan Experience?

  25. Shiney Mike says:

    Talk about repartee – that is something she and you have tons of — like David Letterman and Donald Trump or Johnny Carson and Milton Berle.

    (Thanks for the set-list).

  26. david says:

    Patience, my friend! A nice second set will emerge soon. And the titles of the MKE show have now been posted.

  27. Rod Moseanko says:

    And of course, reset and let the good times roll, David!

  28. Rod Moseanko says:

    Did someone guide Weir back to his seat?

  29. da Flower Punk says:

    This Weir – Marin Symphony stuff is very nice!

  30. Gigi says:

    David, you make the good times roll. I would have to guess that Jerry was sweet on Rita Coolidge (and who wasn’t in the rock n roll biz) and her Anytime Anywhere LP from the mid seventies inspired his versions of – The Way You Do The Things You Do and Good Times -.

  31. Thanks David, for another fabulous Grateful Dead marathon! A longtime tradition that’s always perfect for a rainy winter saturday.
    Long live KPFA!

  32. Bert says:

    Hi from Germany.
    That was a great show! Thank You-I love it.


  33. Laura says:

    Eternally GRATEFUL for all you do, David. What an incredible, beautiful, inspiring day this has been. Thanks, too, to everyone who gave time, money, thank-you gifts, provisions for phone room volunteers… not to mention those who gave and continue to give us the MUSIC!

  34. Bob "bitwisebob" Anderson says:

    From Eugene Oregon, a big thanks for the KPFA radio marathon, it was a great time, great interviews, great music. I didn’t make it to the end, hung out in the chat room all day and listened for 13 hours. Wish I didn’t have to get up so early. So happy for the high turn out and totals for the day. Again thanks for all you do for Grateful Dead music and Deadheads, and your work on the radio- KPFA and XM.

    Take good care. “…Wake now, discover that you
    are the song that the morning brings…”

    ps Found how to download the radio archives, so I can hear the end

  35. Henry says:

    This is an awesome broadcast! I’m a 12 year old Deadhead and have been listening to this for a while. Good luck with the fundraiser!

  36. coldrainsnow says:

    Wow – loved that beautiful dark star to end things off! thanks for an amazing rainy day full of music and fun and congrats on such a successful day!

  37. jjoops says:

    Thank you as always, David and KPFA! And thanks to the GD, who obviously allow this thing to happen to KPFA’s benefit every year. They don’t always get the credit they deserve, so thanks to them for letting all of this happen.

  38. […] Here are the interviews I played on yesterday’s KPFA Grateful Dead marathon: […]

  39. Shiney Mike says:

    Upon review of the first 6 hours, my initial reaction and observations:

    10-2-72 Bird Song is worth it all.

    Those 72 multitrack remixes are going to be phenomenal. I hope there can be some of the best sounding bits released in the SACD or at least DVD Audio 5.1 mixes – that would be so cool.

    Also, I think the list above is missing the Loser 4-14-72 from those remixes… You aired it following Good Times, Shoreline, June 1990

  40. […] friend Steve Gayle sent me this story during the Marathon and I read it on the air. Posting it here with his […]

  41. I donated $60 in hopes of obtaining the “BEST OF THE GD HOUR VOL 2- DOWNLOAD ONLY” but haven’t received any information on how I actually go about downloading it. Is it not available yet or did I miss something?

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