Three short audio clips from 1971

A very short interview backstage at the Fillmore West on July 2, 1971, between sets of the Grateful Dead’s performance during the venue’s closing week. First you hear Veronica, Pigpen’s girlfriend, and then you hear Pig himself: Pigpen and Veronica 7-2-71

Bob Weir interviewed backstage at the Harding Theater on November 7, 1971. The set ended with a new song. Bob Weir re OMSN 11-7-71

Also between sets on 7/2/71, San Francisco Chronicle music critic John L Wasserman makes an accurate prediction about the future of the concert business after Bill Graham’s departure. John L Wasserman 7/2/71

All three clips came to me by way of Eric Christensen, producer/director of an excellent documentary, The Trips Festival. At the time of these shows, Eric was the program director of KSFX, which broadcast both performances.

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  1. Wasserman was so correcto. I always liked Graham and give him credit for many many of the best times of my life.
    We miss you Bill!!
    Thanks David for posting these. Wasserman was articulate and a great writer. Too bad he cut out so young. But he wrote during some of the best times in the Bay Area for new music.
    Great short interview.

  2. Barry Barnes says:

    Fun stuff; great history. Thanks for sharing, David.

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