Dead to the World 8/3/11

Tonight is a fund drive program, so please be prepared to make a donation to KPFA, or call 510-848-5732 or 1-800-439-5732 to contribute. We need this radio station now more than ever!

Playing in the Band->
Ship of Fools
(4/5/82) – Grateful Dead, Road Trips vol 4 no 4 (4/5/82)
Interview with Mickey Hart (recorded yesterday in his studio)
Cut the DeckMickey Hart Band (unreleased)
Big Bad Blues->
Playing in the Band
Comes a Time
Furthur 7/16/11 Bethel Woods NY

Might as Well (4/6/82) – Grateful Dead, Road Trips vol 4 no 4
Stick With MeNicki Bluhm, Driftwood

Dead to the World airs Wednesday 8-10pm Pacific time on KPFA 94.1 fm in northern california, KFCF 88.1 in Fresno CA; streamed online at and

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  1. D Stein says:

    Hey these were the first two Dead shows I ever saw David!

  2. […] laced with Rosenberg’s trademark condescension. She is referring to statements I made in a fund-raising edition of Dead to the World on Wednesday, August 3. A transcript of my on-air remarks is posted here, along with an email from the interim program […]

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