New auction item: Amarra

Sonic Studio has donated a copy of Amarra MINI, widely recognized as the best computer audio player for the Macintosh (and the 2011 Stereophile Computer Audio Component of the Year), for auction.

This is a consumer audio playback system that uses the same amazing technology used in my digital audio workstation, soundBlade SE. It works independently or with your iTunes playlists. This is the way to get the best sound out of a Mac-based audio system. I’m going to use it for music playback on marathon day – everything from CDs to 96/24 high-res audio files.

Amarra MINI retails for $295 (but it’s on sale for $200 right now).

Let’s begin the bidding at $100, please. Auction closes on February 1, and proceeds go to KPFA. Winning bidder will receive download instructions and an activation code.

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7 Responses to “New auction item: Amarra”

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  2. George DeLisle says:

    I would like to bid $100.00 on auction item “Amarra”


    George DeLisle

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  5. Craig Smith says:

    I’ll bid $150 on auction item “Amarra”

    Craig Smith

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  7. YouGotMeBABE says:

    I kept trying to play the photo……..nice, love it….

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