Una Toibin poster for KPFA auction

Poster by Una Toibin

A Ride on the Psychedelic Bus
Montage created from eight original paintings by Una Toibin.
This work was originally created as an advertisement for the multi-media CD-ROM game, “The Psychedelic Bus of Dead Knowledge.” Shortly thereafter, the piece was featured on the cover of Relix Magazine (Dec 1999) and subsequently produced as a signed and numbered poster. This poster is not available for retail sale.
Like many other musical and visual artists, Una Toibin found inspiration for her artistic efforts in the bubbling creative caldron that is live Grateful Dead music. Una echoes visually what she hears, and she tries to honor the music in her work.

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Una got “on the bus” in the early 1980s during the band’s Mid-Atlantic stops. She currently runs CCE Graphics in Virginia Beach, and more of her work can be seen at seen at CCEgraphics.com and UnaToibin.com.

Through the years, Una has remained very interested in the efforts of all the members of the Grateful Dead’s extended family and is thrilled with the revival that is underway with Mickey’s band, 7 Walkers, and Furthur. She would like to thank them all for constantly opening her eyes to the world and she looks forward to what will come next on our Golden Road. Jerry and the great Robert Hunter advised us long ago “Who can stop what must arrive now? Something new is waiting, to be born.” Let us celebrate these new births together in music and art by supporting the KPFA auction!

Auction begins now and ends at noon PST on Wednesday, February 1. Bidding begins at $100. Bid by posting in the comments section below, and please keep coming back to top competing bids!

Proceeds go to KPFA

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  3. Mark Mathers says:

    Ill bid 100 for sure

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