KPFA auctions – thanks to all who participated!

The memorabilia auction has ended, and we scored $3768 (assuming everyone pays up).

Huge thanks to all who submitted bids! The winners are: Josh Menditch, Jon Marcus (twice!), Fred Schonwald, Mark, Jimmy Hix, Long Island John, Robin Russell (twice), Julia Postel, Luke Ruggieri, Eric Eichorn, Stephen Cornell, Craig Smith, Mark Mathers, and Luther John Deutsch

And big thanks to these kind people who donated items for auction:
Rosie McGee
Robbi Cohn
Ed Perlstein
Herb Greene
John Rottet
Jon Sievert
Nick Meriwether/Grateful Dead Archive
Paul Grushkin/Dead Letters
Una Toibin
Jon Reichbach, James Anderson/Sonic Studio (Amarra)

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