A sweet end to a wonderful day

I walked into the phone room a few minutes ago and saw the name of an old friend on a pledge card that was being filled out by my friend Robert. It’s Frank Kracher, who I met in 1985 when he was a reporter for Channel 7 News in San Francisco. He’s in Asheville NC now, still a reporter (and weekend anchor). Robert handed me the phone and I caught up with Frank after not having spoken with him for a couple of years.

Its been that kind of day here. So many friends trooped through this Marathon, in person and on the phone and in the chat room and in email and in the online pledge messages – and via an internet audio stream! So sweet, and such a good result for KPFA: we raised more than $25,000 today. Thanks to all my friends, and to the friends I haven’t yet met, for making this a true EVERYBODY WINS event.

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  1. jjoops says:

    David, I love the Marathon. Year in and year out it’s a reminder and an expression of the wonderful community we are all a part of.

    Thanks for doing what you do, and congratulations on a great result for KPFA!

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