Be a chocolatier for KPFA!

I am a regular consumer of Barlovento Chocolates. I buy them at the Grand Lake Farmers’ market on Saturdays and eat a little bit every evening while I do the dishes.

Chocolatier Pete Brydon has become a friend over the years, and he has donated Jerry on Broadway posters (from his previous life as a printer) to past KPFA marathons and to this year’s as well.

Now, Pete Brydon and Barlovento Chocolates make a very generous contribution to this year’s KPFA Grateful Dead auction: Your chance to be a chocolatier!

Work with Peter and his team to develop your own personal flavor of truffle. You’ll spend an evening or two in the kitchen, go through flavors and learn how truffles are made, and decide what you want to do for your own special chocolate truffle. You’ll wind up with at least a hundred truffles (and you don’t have to take ’em all at once).

Your level of involvement is up to you. If you just want to design the truffle that’s fine; if you want to participate fully in the process, that’s great too.

And you’ll get a Barlovento Chocolates t-shirt, too.

This auction will be happening on Facebook along with the other items. Please visit that page to place your bid!

We will begin the bidding at $500


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